Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News articles

Found some interesting articles on the web today,


"Despite reform efforts in India the Barelvi and Ahl-e-Hadith managed madrasas continue to teach hate-curricula on the lines of majority of madrasas in Pakistan and Qwami madrasas in Bangladesh. While in Pakistan about 60 lakh students study in madrasas, in Bangladesh about 35 lakh students undergo fundamentalist education in madrasas. In India the approximate number of students undergoing Dars-e-Nizami and Nasiruddin Tusi streams of madrasa education is about 25 lakh. Most of these are breeding grounds of fundamentalism and radicalism."


(A zoo called Bengal politics!)


(Remembering Dara Shikoh)


(EVM's not trust-worthy)


(EC lying about EVM's)


(Shocking admission by Indian armed forces vis-a-vis China)


(Should see more of this, MLA, MP thrashed by public)


(Hopefully AOL will thrive and these people will give up Islam)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More positive news

IICT develops some useful techonology to purify deflouridate water for villages

A nice article on Hinduism from ISHA foundation and something about its founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

A place in bangalore to get a hindu symbol tattoo.

A good book written on Rash Birhari Bose, the person who fought for Indian indepenedence from japan.

A joint initiative between Ghent University, Belgium and Kuvempu University, Karnataka to start a new Karnataka academy of social sciences and humnities!

Brilliant talk by Bala from Ghent University on religions in India!

Important articles

(Congress is selling India away!)
"It is important to also note that all the three defence service chiefs have vehemently and repeatedly, verbally and in writing, individually and collectively conveyed to New Delhi at the highest levels their strong and total opposition to India entering into an EUMA with the U.S. because of its serious national security-compromising character. But the Cabinet Committee on Security chaired by the Prime Minister brushed aside these acute concerns and went ahead and approved the EUMA."


(NGO's in J&K spreading lies about human rights abuses to get international attention!!)


(Chidambaram avoids answering question on kandhamal incident)


(Media least bothered about suffering of farmers and caters only to the new rich!)


(A comparison of Indian and Pakistani treatment of its own people)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More stuff on India and Indians


(An essay on Caste perversion by Brits!)


(Degradation of Indian history texts by communists)


(Pathetic Indian media wrongly analyses the election results on purpose!)

Then a surprisingly good article by Vir Sanghvi on Indian liberals and one about India getting a a new minority,

(Alienating our own culture)

Facts on Islam by Anwar Sheikh

Anwar Sheikh is a pakistani author who moved to England and eventually gave up Islam after studying it in detail.


His works are very thought provoking and are a must read.
Here is one of his books which is available free on the internet,


"Since Prophethood seeks to elevate a Prophet at the expense of God, it has, obviously, nothing to do with God or guidance. It is just a political device of the Middle Eastern origin, which enables its operator to achieve his ambitions under the pretence of spirituality. With a view to bridling the curious human mind, the doctrine of Prophethood discourages free will, which is the fountain of free-thinking, enquiry and social progress. Instead, it imposes complete hegemony of fate on man to drive him as if he were an ass."

Micheal Witzel and his sick mind

Here are some really enlightening article on the Harvard Professor Micheal Witzel; a professor of sanskrit who cannot speak the language!!

Micheal Witzel was the "expert" who tried hard to keep the lies about Hinduism in California School education textbooks and eventually lost.

An investigation on his credentials and arguments clearly show that he is nothing but an ignorant racial bigot,





(Proof that Witzel colludes with evangelicals)


(Students at Harvard debate with Witzel)

"It is important for the State Board of Education to make sure that the textbooks in California do not mention anything about recent excavations, carbon dating techniques, genetic evidence, methods used by geophysicists, and the discovery of the bones of horses and various other relics. All these are conspiracies hatched by Hindus along with the faculty members in the science departments of various universities and media outlets.

Instead, our children must be taught true history based upon facts found in the Bible. For this purpose, it is important to consider the works of Max Muller and Prof. Stanley Wolpert along with the arguments of Dr. Steve Farmer and Prof. Michael Witzel.California has always been a trendsetter and it is distressing that other states have forged ahead of California when it comes to teaching creation science. This anomaly must be corrected immediately and it can be corrected by teaching Aryan Invasion Theory which is based on creation science.

The State Board of Education must be commended for accepting the recommendations of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, but having a separate meeting to decide the recommendations of Hindus. This shows that SBE believes in being loyal to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

This loyalty must now be taken to the next step by showing Hindus their place and teaching Aryan Invasion Theory and the underlying theory of creation science to our children.You must disregard the claims of Hindus and make sure that you take into consideration only the demands of Christians and Indian Communists when it comes to determining what the textbooks teach about Hindus. America is a Christian nation and only the White Christian nationalist viewpoint must be considered."


(A must read!)


(Who are opposing the HIndu initiative to end discrimination in California Textbooks?)