Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News articles

Found some interesting articles on the web today,


"Despite reform efforts in India the Barelvi and Ahl-e-Hadith managed madrasas continue to teach hate-curricula on the lines of majority of madrasas in Pakistan and Qwami madrasas in Bangladesh. While in Pakistan about 60 lakh students study in madrasas, in Bangladesh about 35 lakh students undergo fundamentalist education in madrasas. In India the approximate number of students undergoing Dars-e-Nizami and Nasiruddin Tusi streams of madrasa education is about 25 lakh. Most of these are breeding grounds of fundamentalism and radicalism."


(A zoo called Bengal politics!)


(Remembering Dara Shikoh)


(EVM's not trust-worthy)


(EC lying about EVM's)


(Shocking admission by Indian armed forces vis-a-vis China)


(Should see more of this, MLA, MP thrashed by public)


(Hopefully AOL will thrive and these people will give up Islam)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More positive news

IICT develops some useful techonology to purify deflouridate water for villages

A nice article on Hinduism from ISHA foundation and something about its founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

A place in bangalore to get a hindu symbol tattoo.

A good book written on Rash Birhari Bose, the person who fought for Indian indepenedence from japan.

A joint initiative between Ghent University, Belgium and Kuvempu University, Karnataka to start a new Karnataka academy of social sciences and humnities!

Brilliant talk by Bala from Ghent University on religions in India!

Important articles

(Congress is selling India away!)
"It is important to also note that all the three defence service chiefs have vehemently and repeatedly, verbally and in writing, individually and collectively conveyed to New Delhi at the highest levels their strong and total opposition to India entering into an EUMA with the U.S. because of its serious national security-compromising character. But the Cabinet Committee on Security chaired by the Prime Minister brushed aside these acute concerns and went ahead and approved the EUMA."


(NGO's in J&K spreading lies about human rights abuses to get international attention!!)


(Chidambaram avoids answering question on kandhamal incident)


(Media least bothered about suffering of farmers and caters only to the new rich!)


(A comparison of Indian and Pakistani treatment of its own people)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More stuff on India and Indians


(An essay on Caste perversion by Brits!)


(Degradation of Indian history texts by communists)


(Pathetic Indian media wrongly analyses the election results on purpose!)

Then a surprisingly good article by Vir Sanghvi on Indian liberals and one about India getting a a new minority,

(Alienating our own culture)

Facts on Islam by Anwar Sheikh

Anwar Sheikh is a pakistani author who moved to England and eventually gave up Islam after studying it in detail.


His works are very thought provoking and are a must read.
Here is one of his books which is available free on the internet,


"Since Prophethood seeks to elevate a Prophet at the expense of God, it has, obviously, nothing to do with God or guidance. It is just a political device of the Middle Eastern origin, which enables its operator to achieve his ambitions under the pretence of spirituality. With a view to bridling the curious human mind, the doctrine of Prophethood discourages free will, which is the fountain of free-thinking, enquiry and social progress. Instead, it imposes complete hegemony of fate on man to drive him as if he were an ass."

Micheal Witzel and his sick mind

Here are some really enlightening article on the Harvard Professor Micheal Witzel; a professor of sanskrit who cannot speak the language!!

Micheal Witzel was the "expert" who tried hard to keep the lies about Hinduism in California School education textbooks and eventually lost.

An investigation on his credentials and arguments clearly show that he is nothing but an ignorant racial bigot,





(Proof that Witzel colludes with evangelicals)


(Students at Harvard debate with Witzel)

"It is important for the State Board of Education to make sure that the textbooks in California do not mention anything about recent excavations, carbon dating techniques, genetic evidence, methods used by geophysicists, and the discovery of the bones of horses and various other relics. All these are conspiracies hatched by Hindus along with the faculty members in the science departments of various universities and media outlets.

Instead, our children must be taught true history based upon facts found in the Bible. For this purpose, it is important to consider the works of Max Muller and Prof. Stanley Wolpert along with the arguments of Dr. Steve Farmer and Prof. Michael Witzel.California has always been a trendsetter and it is distressing that other states have forged ahead of California when it comes to teaching creation science. This anomaly must be corrected immediately and it can be corrected by teaching Aryan Invasion Theory which is based on creation science.

The State Board of Education must be commended for accepting the recommendations of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, but having a separate meeting to decide the recommendations of Hindus. This shows that SBE believes in being loyal to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

This loyalty must now be taken to the next step by showing Hindus their place and teaching Aryan Invasion Theory and the underlying theory of creation science to our children.You must disregard the claims of Hindus and make sure that you take into consideration only the demands of Christians and Indian Communists when it comes to determining what the textbooks teach about Hindus. America is a Christian nation and only the White Christian nationalist viewpoint must be considered."


(A must read!)


(Who are opposing the HIndu initiative to end discrimination in California Textbooks?)


Some informative articles on Hindutva and its importance



(Protecting Hindu rights abroad)


(Hindutva needed to preserve our cultural heritage)


(Various social work done by Hindu organizations)


(Preventing falsehood from being spread about Hinduism!)


(Fighting against insults like this)

The BJP which was supposed to stand for hindutva has let it down, and is now presently in a dilemma on what to do.

China and India

Found some interesting articles concerning China and India...


(Chinese passing off fake drugs as Made in India!!)


(Fake notes in India. Surely made by a collaboration between China and Pakistan)


(Brilliant article on the India-China war with a lot of information on how Nehru crippled India in the lead up to it)


(What the Chinese do to the minorities)

Collection of articles


(The myth of Alexander in India)


(How the Indian Navy is still stuck in the elitist colonial mindset!)
"According to the local sources, Indian Navy's "colonial traditions" had given an additional headache to the shipyard, which while finalising the refit estimate had never thought that it would have to be re-carved to place new corridors to keep ordinary sailors away from the officer's quarters. "We have an egalitarian society and our officers and men use the same corridors and gangways. Another surprise for the shipyard was the Indian demand for a bar for the officers. In Russia, in general, we have 'dry law' on the naval vessels. "To find furniture for the bar was a big problem as no Russian factory makes it for naval vessels," said a Russian defence correspondent, who accompanied President Dmitry Medvedev on an inspection tour to the shipyard."

(Fanatic muslims attack man for being friends with a muslim girl)


(J&K government agrees to pay teaching salaries to anti India hate mongers!!)


(Lal Bahadur Shastri death kept a secret!!)
"“The family members of Shastri-ji have been denied information on the ground that if information demanded under RTI (Right To Information Act) by his family members connected with his death is made public, then foreign relations may be damaged and there may be disturbances in the country,” he added."

(Sadhvi Pragya and the ATS, the NGO's dont seem to care about human rights in this case!)


(Kasmir events repeating in W. Bengal!!)


(A very interesting write up on the historicity of the Mahabharata)

(How India should learn from the Chinese in solving the Kashmir issue!)


(The first Hindu uprising in Goa against the colonialists)


(An extremely interesting article on who discovered america- This seems all the more plausible after I saw the Hindu temples in Java which look extremely similar to the Mayan and Aztec pyramid temples!!)

(Interesting article on how the Caste system was created by the british!)

(On how the Commies hate Sanskrit!)


(Francois gautier attempting to highlight the Human rights abuses that Hindus experience)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

EVMs and the Indian elections

It is obvious that the congress highjacked the election process to put themselves in the drivers eat. The fact that many congress people have themselves put cases in court in orissa about tampered EVMs shows that the EVMs are clearly not tamper proof.

More proof is given in these articles,





See what the congress is doing now,



Arun Shourie and the BJP

Being denied the right to voice his concerns and points in the BJP national executive, Arun Shourie was forced to make his voice heard through the print media where he has written a series of 4 articles in the Indian express on the fall of Indian political parties. Of course all the points he raises are meant for the BJP and its leaders.

Here are the articles,





The response to these articles within the sangh and the BJP appears to be promising with the RSS looking forward to major changes in the leadership of the BJP,



"Sources say that Arun Shourie’s piercing critique of the party’s functioning has reinforced the Sangh perception that the BJP needs an overhaul. Some senior Sangh leaders have said the issues Shourie has raised should be thoroughly discussed, indicating they favour change.
The sources said many Sangh leaders had congratulated Shourie for his analysis, in his newspaper articles, of the leadership crisis in the BJP.
Although the BJP has dismissed the criticism as Shourie’s personal views, many leaders do support his offensive. "

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interesting links


Some facts on Tarun Tejpal


Good analysis of India's skewed treatment of anti-nationals and patriots!


Hopefully this padayatra will help!

Another EVM tampering case from the Indian Express!
"On Saturday, Gurupadappa Nagamarapalli of the BJP, who was defeated by Dharam Singh in the Bidar LS poll, filed a petition against the former chief minister alleging that the EVMs had been tampered in the recently concluded LS polls.
Interestingly, Gurupadappa’s son, Suryakant Nagamarapalli, who had lost the Bidar bye-election to Rahim Khan of the Congress, also filed a petition over the same reason.Senior Advocate Pramila Nesargi filed the petitions against former chief minister Dharam Singh and Rahim Khan in the Circuit Bench of the High Court.
Speaking to Express, she said the Election Commission had entrusted the work of manufacturing EVMs to Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore, and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad.But according to her, these two companies
had outsourced the manufacturing of microprocessors used in the EVMs to a foreign country in complete violation of the provisions of the Constitution. Nesargi said that neither the Parliament nor any constitutional authority had authorised the EC or the BEL/ECIL to outsource the manufacture of micro-processors.According to her, microprocessors lodged in the EVMs could be monitored with the help of a remote control; and in Nesargi’s view, this is what transpired in Bidar.Raising doubts about the conduct of the Returning Officer during the Bidar LS polls, she said the officer went inside the strong room, where EVMs were stored, twice without informing the candidates.
According to Nesargi, it was mandatory for the Returning Officer to ensure the presence of candidates while entering the strong room.Nesargi also pointed out another ‘discrepancy’. She said that in some polling booths Gurupadappa had polled only one and two votes, an impossible scenario according to her if you take into account the votes he would be getting from his polling agents and his family.Such instances clearly point to the tampering of the EVMs, said Nesargi. “This is the first time such a case has been filed in India,” the senior advocate claimed.All the documents supporting the petition and one CD
have been submitted to the Court, she said."


On how fake sanyassins use the ochre robe to fool naive seekers!


A good collection made by Praful Goradia of masjids that have been contructed over Hindu temples.


Eye witness testimony of what happened at Godhra. The media has blacked this out and focussed only on the retaliation.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

News updates

Found some interesting articles on the net,


The commies have been asking for banning the Hindu organizations and now back track saying that they never demanded such a thing. A clear proof of the ease with which these sick commie Ba^%$#s lie.


Hindu priest attacked in Ireland, no Indian media seems to be bothered leave alone the MMS government.


Fiji polic join Christian crusade. No one seems to be raising any eyebrows to such a move but saying "I am proud to be a Hindu" is a communal act!!


"The government also wants to set up an All India Madrassa Board which will award degrees equivalent to CBSE and other boards. The board will frame policy to impart secular and technical education to Muslims without interfering the religious teachings. "We will strive to evolve a consensus on this issue," he said, adding that efforts would also be made to amend the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act to further strengthen it."


Good article on how India is under threat.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good to know

Found some informative articles on the net.


"The local residents also said that Manmasi National Christian Army cadres had painted cross symbol on the walls of the temples with their blood.

At least seven to eight Hmar youths were frequently visiting Bhuvan Pahar, which had nearly 700 Hindu people as well as eight Hindu temples. These Hmar youths approached with gun in one hand and the Bible in the other."


(Apparently the two forensic labs gave differing reports on Varun Gandhi's claim of the CD's being doctored. Looks like the Indian media selectively publicized only one of the reports!)


(Kanchi shankaracharya stands up for Hindu rights)


Highly placed official sources revealed that the Chief Minister (Omar abdullah) had not relished the idea of holding a function to pay homage to Dr Mookerjee inside Jammu University, where key speakers were bound to lambast role of his grandfather Sheikh Mohd Abdullah in the events preceeding the mysterious death of founder president of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. "

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brilliant articles by Shourie on Indian Politics and media

Found some old articles written by Shourie in the Indian Express,


(How the Indian media has mis-handles important issues and glorifies gossip)

"They drew even sharper attention to an incident that had occurred just three weeks earlier. For as long as anyone could remember, there had been a statue of the Buddha — well inside Indian territory. Local inhabitants used to go up to it — pray, make their offerings. The local commander of the Chinese troops had told Indian soldiers that the statue must be removed. Our soldiers had pointed out that the statue was well within Indian territory, and so there was no question of removing it. The Chinese had come, and blown off the statue..."

‘But what did the NDA do about the incursions?’ another member of that clutch demanded. First, the head of the force at the border has spoken about the incursions that have taken place this year, in 2007, I pointed out. What could the NDA government have done about them? But assume that incursions were taking place then, and that the NDA government did nothing. Does that in any way become reason for not doing anything today? Please do have some mercy on our country, I said. Here is China claiming our territory; here it is, having begun that well-rehearsed series of steps which precede a grab. Are we going to divert ourselves from that reality by the usual ‘tu-tu, mein-mein, NDA vs UPA?’"

‘But are you sure about the facts or is the BJP indulging in its usual fear-politics?’ the anchor asks. But why don’t you ascertain them from the two MPs who represent the area? I respond. Better still, why don’t you send your own correspondents and photographers to the area? I inquire. We will, we will, I assure you. I was just making sure...

In any case, look at what the ambassador of China has himself said, I remarked. Remember, just days before Hu Jintao, the Chinese President, was to come to India, the ambassador declared, right here on Indian soil, that Arunachal is a part of China...

‘But maybe he was saying it for rhetorical effect,’ said the anchor.

Rhetorical effect? I skipped a heartbeat. Is the Chinese Ambassador also running after TRP ratings like the TV channels? Would an ambassador say such things just for effect? And that too the ambassador of China, of all countries? You mean an ambassador, you mean the ambassador of China of all countries would claim the territory of the country to which he is accredited, that he would lay claim to an entire state of that country for rhetorical effect? I asked."


(On how Hindus are being forced to become violent)

There is a real vice here. The three great religions that originated in Palestine and Saudi Arabia — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — have been exclusivist — each has insisted that it alone is true — and aggressive. The Indic religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism — have been inclusive, they have been indulgent of the claims of others. But how may the latter sort survive when it is confronted by one that aims at power, acquires it, and then uses it to enlarge its dominion? How is the Indic sort to survive when the other uses the sword as well as other resources — organised missionaries, money, the state — to proselytise and to convert? Nor is this question facing just the Hindus in India today. It is facing the adherents of Indic traditions wherever they are: look at the Hindus in Indonesia and Malaysia; look at the Buddhists in Tibet, now in Thailand too."


(An especially good article on how the media fabricated data on the nuclear deal to get public support for the congress)

But that was not the end. Polishing up the deal further, the Hindustan Times informed its readers that by 2050, an astronomical “200,000 MW of nuclear energy can be produced”. We would presumably have more reactors by then than the whole world has today. As my friend T.C.A. Rangachari once said, “Jo hyper-bole so nihal.”

This has been one of the main strengths of the government over the past two years — the utter innumeracy of our media exceeded only by its utter willingness to put out anything. “Killer amendments dropped, India’s concerns taken care of,” the papers proclaimed — when, in fact, as even the most cursory glance would have shown, each and every one of the clauses was very much a part of the Act. “Objectionable clauses non-binding,” they proclaimed — when, in fact, neither our government nor that of the US was able to furnish any list of which clauses were binding and which were non-binding, and, of course, the Act itself made no such distinction.

But the enthusiasts had a ready reason for not studying the Act! “Laden with numbing bureaucratese and legalese,” The Times of India declared on its front page, in its — what else should one call it? — “analytical report” of the Hyde Act on December 9, 2006, “littered with sections, sub-sections, clauses, sub-clauses and footnotes, it has enough statements, caveats and requirements to make heads spin”.

How much easier then to just concoct! For it isn’t the precise figure that propagandists count on remaining in the mind, nor the precise assertion but the general impression — in this case, that the nuclear deal will light up the bulbs, that the concerns which had been expressed have been met. How much easier to abuse: those who were pointing to the provisions of the US legislation were charged with being “obsessed with clauses and sub-clauses”, to be “anti-deal jihadis”. And to put out stories, ‘Advani softens’ ‘Rajnath says if concerns met...’ I had attended every single meeting of the BJP leaders at which the nuclear deal was deliberated upon. At no meeting at all had the leaders felt that either new evidence or new argument had surfaced which required that the assessment be changed. And yet, ‘BJP softens...’ And this after written statements were put out repeatedly over the signatures of the principal leaders themselves."

Random news bits


Hindu residents get their way in California inspite of anti-hindus like Wietzel trying hard to undermine their case.


Good to see this protest after that retarded Sambhaji Brigade (the ones responsible for destroying valuable archives in a Pune library) made the Congress Govt. to falsify Shivaji's history.

The Shankaracharya also seems to have wizened up to the fact that political Christianity is a huge threat to Indian native culture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congress better?

Recently the BJP has been behaving totally wierd and it is possible that Congress rule might actually be better than BJP rule right now!

Firstly, the Karnataka BJP, increased Madrassa funding from Rs. 30 crores to 120 crores annually in the state budget!! Inspite of that the muslims in Karnataka gave a fatwa to vote against the BJP.

Turns out that even in Rajasthan, the BJP government gave a lot of money to madrassas for thei modernization. Giving computers is not modernizing them. They will only use it to further their Jehadi ideals!! Turns out that once Congress started ruling the state, the madrassas are not finded anymore.


Also, now in Gujarat, 3 muslim boys kidnapped and raped a hindu girl. Immediately the state govt. detained 40-50 VHP people. It looks like Modi, is trying very hard to remove the communal tag that the pseudo-seculars and commies have given him.



It was good to know that the locals beat up the rapists.

The Gujarat govt. has also started tapping phones of VHP personnell which is illegal,


BJP infiltrated

Sudheendra Kulkarni, an IIT-B graduate has been enjoying a lot of influence in the BJP acting as LK Advani's political advisor. What qualified him to be one is unknown. He took over the reins of the BJP's political campaign for the general elections in 2009. His pathetic performance resulted in the BJP facing a horrible defeat in one the the most important election that the nation has faced.

He is now putting the blame on all the others and especially the RSS. The fact that he chose "Tehelka" to write his opinion itself should indicate where his loylties lie. It is highly possible that he was planted in the BJP by the commies/missionaries to sabotage the BJP campaign. They certainly succeeded.


Kanchan Gupta gave a short reply to his article ,

A brilliant reply to Kulkarni's article is given by his classmate in IIT-B, Anil Chawla, where he exposes both Kulkarni as well as LK Advani as being highly selfish people who look after their own interests at the cost of the party.


Sudheendra Kulkarni also exposed himself by praising the Hindu-Christian inter faith dialogue which is a clear ploy to aid conversions in India.

I am no longer an admirer of Advani as he has proven beyond doubt that he is nothing but a self serving politician who only pais lip service to the hindu masses just to gain power. It is befitting that he did not become the prime minister.

All of Advani's coterie including Jaitley and Shushma Swaraj need to be booted out of the party. Jaitley is actually not so bad I guess but it was under Swaraj's tenure as communication minister that she allowed forrign direct investment in media thanks to which we now have the anti national CNN-IBN, IBN-Live, etc.

A very good analysis on why the BJP lost and what the BJP needs to do to has been written by a fellow blogger ZoomIndian,


Dr. Togadia's brilliant piece in the organiser details how the BJP betrayed the very people who voted them into the single largest party.


Instead of splitting the BJP or dissolving it to start anew, the people who do not believe in hindutva should leave the BJP and start their own party. Highjacking the BJP should not be allowed.

Thankfully the mess is not present throughout the party,


At least one MLA considers it his responsibility to educate the people of his constituency.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Indian Media and History


"A quote from Mrs. Coomi Kapoor, summarising the guidelines prepared by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in 1982. Mrs Kapoor is quoted as saying:
“History and Language textbooks for schools all over India will soon be revised radically. In collaboration with various state governments the Ministry of Education has begun a phased programme to weed out undesirable textbooks and remove matter which is prejudicial to national integration and unity and which does not promote social cohesion."


"The issue here is the sheer irresponsibility of the media. Whether it is Godhra, Tehelka, petrol pump allocations or the Ansal Plaza killing of terrorists, our media seems to believe it will attract its audience only if it dresses to kill, or, as some newspapers have patented, it undresses models in colour. That it is not accountable to anyone in the country except to its proprietors' profit and loss account abets that belief. No wonder the ICE World section of Business Standard dated January 29, 2003, says The Times of India charges fees to PR agencies for publishing their releases. Are we then headed for editorials charged at so many rupees per column centimetre? Our media demands foolproof accountability from every institution in our land, including the judiciary. Why then doesn't it demand the same from itself?"

Re-visiting the Taj Mahal

While there has been a lot of discussion on whether the Taj is actually a Hindu temple, many people have ignored and dismissed anyone who contended such a line of thought.

Recently I have found some interesting information which supports the view that the Taj might have been a Hindu building before it was taken over my Shah Jahan.


Note the comment where the author of the book reviewed puts in his thoughts.

Some experpts from that comment,
"Badshahnama: Persian text of this document was published by Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1867.It was compiled by two Muslim Maulavis. During the British Raj some British officers translated from Persian into English, Babur-nama, Humayun-nama, Akbar-nama and Ain-e-Akabari and Tazuk-e-Jehangiri. Why did their curiosity stop there?
So, why has Badshahnama not been translated into English for 141 years. Even Pakistanis have not dared to do this. How can they? Badshahnama clearly states that Shahjahan grabbed Raja Mansingh’s palace for burial of his wife."

"Unexplained structures and underground chambers: Please make this simpler. There are two huge basements under the Main terrace. These cannot be seen from the garden, but can be seen from the riverside. They were noted by the English painters Thomas and William Daniells in 1789 when they visited Taj Mahal.These are seen in the book of Sleeman in 1844, In Vincent Smith’s book of 1911. And yet NOT ONE historian has questioned the purpose of these? And why are they still blocked today?"

"Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) confesses
We understand that the ASI are under political pressure to keep quiet. But even then they had made a confession. In 1982 they published a booklet called Taj Museum.
On page 4 they say – “ The site selected for the burial was an extremely pleasant and lofty land situated to the south of the city on which till then stood the mansion (Manzil) of Raja Mansingh which was at that time in possession of the latter’s grandson Raja Jaisingh.”
Common sense should tell us that what is being paraded as Taj Mahal today is nothing but Raja Mansingh’s Palace being misused as a tomb of Mumtaz.
Nothing can be clearer.
And who are the authors of this booklet? Dr Zia-uddin Ahmad Desai and H K Kaul
That my friends, is in short, the biggest whitewash in Indian History.
If you want to know more please read my book “Taj Mahal : Simple Analysis of a Great deception”.
My E mail I.D. is

Stephen Knapp in his website gives a copy of the page in the Badshahnama where the Taj is mentioned,

"This is supposed to have been written by the emperor's chronicler, the Mullah Abdul Hamid Lahori. It describes the site of the Taj Mahal as being full of majestic and lush gardens just south of the city (Agra). It goes on to say that the palace of Raja Mansingh, which was owned by his grandson Raja Jaisingh, was selected as the place for the burial of the queen Mumtaz. This means, of course, that Shah Jahan never built the Taj Mahal but only acquired it from the previous owner, who was Jaisingh. "

Finally I found a video of a lecture given by renowned archeologist Marvin Mills on the topic, where he concludes that there is enough evidence to question the present belief that Shah jahan built the Taj Mahal and demands that thorough research be done to ascertain the truth.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worrisome news from India

Found some very disturbing news today


"Buoyed by the response from Muslim voters, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has decided to go ahead with minority development programmes. Muslim representation will be increased in education and in government jobs. But, fearing protests, the government is refraining from talking about quotas for them.

Though not clearly uttering "reservations for Muslims", minority affairs minister Salman Khurshid said the government will go for strong "affirmative action in the Indian way, not restricting to quota"

I can understand why affirmative action is required in the US for Black people. The africans were made slaves and treated very badly and thus the white people have to make it up to them.
In India, it is the Muslims who enslaved and persecuted the hindus!! Why on earth are the hindus obliged to take responsibility for the villians and introduce affirmative action?!!
I hope the BJP makes a big noise about this. But with Shushma Swaraj ("Ayodya issue is an ecashed cheque) and Jaitley being the new leaders in the LS and RS, that seems unlikely.

Another hindu seer killed in Orissa

"The brutal murder of Mauni Baba on Tuesday at Puri is a grim reminder of the August 23 killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, said BJP national secretary Dharmendra Pradhan.
While the State is witnessing a series of killings by Left Wing ultras, the killing of the Seer has once again proved that the law and order situation of the State is worsening day by day and the Chief Minister has miserably failed to provide security to the people


"The caste war in Maharashtra has taken its toll on the newly published Std IV history and civics textbook. Key references to Brahmin teacher Dadaji Konddev and his role in the life of the Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji have been altered dramatically.

A colour picture showing Konddev prominently next to Shivaji in the previous textbook (published in 2000) now shows Konddev in the background.These are just some of the changes in the textbook.The Sambhaji brigade had led a stir demanding the "demotion" of Dadaji Konddev.

The demand to remove Dadoji Kondadev's statue at Lal Mahal in Pune came forward along with a demand to remove his name as Shivaji's teacher from history textbooks
The state government appointed a committee to look into the matter pertaining to an award in the name of Kondadev while Balbharati appointed a separate committee to look into the demand by Maratha organisations

I wonder who these idiots are in the Sambhaji brigade!! I think it is the same arseholes who destroyed valuable artifacts when they burned a library having old manuscripts in protest for a book written on Shivaji!!

What do they want?!! Do they want to change history fact? They want Dadoji Kondadev's name removed just because he is a Brahmin?!! How much ever they may object, the fact remains that Dadoji was Shivaji's tutor.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AID, ASHA and other similar NGO's

Found some very good articles on AID and other NGO's which work against India, directly or indirectly.

I have a friend in AID who I had a heated debate with. When I said it would be better to fund hindu groups for disaster relief she said that it would be unfair for the minorities. She was completely ignorant that hindu organizations help everyone irrespective of religion and that non-hindu organization (like World Vision) directly or indirectly support religious discrimination. Secondly, the Xtians and the muslims have wealthy societies outside of the country from where there is a flood of wealth which comes to them. It is their fault if this money is mostly used to gain poitical power and for proselytising. So while the Xtians and muslims are taken care of by there brethren who will take care of the hindus?

The ASHA group at my university rejected a proposal which included distributing comic books (amar Chitra katha variety) among children to enlighten them about Indian culture and history becasue they considered it "communal"!!!

Most if not all AID, ASHA people are victims of this perverse logic that anything hindu is anti somebody else!

Here are some links which make very informative reads on this topic.



The Tianmen Massacre

Found a good slide show in rediff on the Tainmen Square revolution.


Some interesting points ,

"He affirmed that China will never, never implement a 'Western type' democratic system.
These words were pronounced two months ago during the annual session of the National People's Congress. Wu added: 'We can by no means indiscriminately copy the Western system.'
It was partly a response to the Charter 08 signed by hundreds of prominent Chinese intellectuals. The document stated in strong terms that political democratisation was a need for China.
Wu is probably not aware that 'democracy' has not been invented by the West. More than 2,500 years ago, in the Buddha's time, small democratic republics flourished in North India; archeologists have even said that more than 5,000 years ago, the Indus-Saraswati civilisation knew the principle of decentralisation and participatory governance.
Greece and the West discovered it much later. It is therefore wrong to associate 'democracy' with the West

"On June 6, 1989, two days after the tanks had rolled on the Square, a meeting of the Elders was held in Zongnanhai. Wang Zhen, the vice-president of the People's Republic and an old soldier stated:
'We're are still going to rely on the PLA to stabilise things. We need to get the PLA, the PAP (People's Armed Police) and the regular police all out there hitting those counter-revolutionary rioters as hard as they can, arresting when necessary, killing when they need to, and being absolutely sure no rioters get away.'
'Stability' became the leitmotiv. Twenty years later in the Middle Kingdom, everything is done in the name of 'stability,' a euphemism for one-party eternal rule.

"A recent example has been the bloody repression of the Tibetans in March-April 2008. More than 200 Tibetans were killed on the high plateau during these two months, just because the Tibetan masses expressed their resentment against the Chinese cadres.
The same Chinese were supposed to have 'emancipated' and 'liberated' the common men and women of the Roof of the Word in 1950; they had entered Tibet with this only purpose.
Such a sad joke on the Tibetans! Twenty years after the Tiananmen massacre, more and more news of arrests and death condemnations are trickling out of Tibet.

The fact that communism is a scam is known by the fact that every communist nation is more or less a dictatorship or a monarchy. So much for the rule by the proletariat!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Critiquing the BJP

I have been an ardent supporter of the BJP for some time now, especially considering the alternative (The congress). Recently though, especially after the debacle in the elections there have been a number of eye opening articles written on the reason why the BJP is not able to win a majority in Parliament.

The more I read, the more I feel the BJP needs a huge overhaul.


(This is a very good article by Rajinder Puri on his experience with the BJP.)


(An insightful article exposing Rajnath Singh (never liked the feller) as a selfish and ambitious man who values his personal growth over the party)


(A very brilliantly written analysis of the the reason for BJP's failure.)


(Kanchan Gupta is currently analyzing the various reasons for the BJP debacle and all his posts make very interesting reading)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Snake behind the White Tiger

Found a brilliant write up on the Man-Booker prize winning author Aravind Adiga who won the award for his Hindu bashing novel called "The White Tiger".


"In a single breath, Adiga takes upon his young self the huge responsibility of highlighting all the ‘brutal injustices’ of India, while feeling proud enough to compare himself with Flaubert, Balzac and Dickens. "

"On the level of language too, Adiga falls far too short. The style of narration doesn’t match the projected aim to point out the ‘brutal injustices’ of Indian society. His style takes him nearer post-modern writing while his aim is as ambitious as of a Communist ideologue. For this purpose Adiga inserts some of the most famous secular slogans in Balram’s speeches, but his narration being post-modern is personal and individualistic."

"According to Adiga, the salient features of India are:
-Every traditional Indian village has a blue-movie (pornographic) theatre [4]
- No one can enter Indian malls without wearing shoes. Shoes are compulsory [5]
- No low-caste man can ever enter an Indian mall. Even if he enters stealthily, he is then caught, beaten and publicly humiliated [6]
- In India, if an owner runs over a man with his car, his driver has to go to jail instead [7]
- If a servant steals anything, then his entire family, back home, is ritually lynched to death (their women being repeatedly raped) [8]
- Every Indian book stall sells ‘rape magazines’ [9]
- There are separate markets for servants [10]
- Indian brothels take extra money from servants, called ‘Working-class surcharge’ [11]
- Sadhus are actually homosexual hookers who get paid to be buggered by foreigners [12]
- A common Hindu is worse than an Islamic terrorist [13]
- Indian caste system is worse, or at least as bad as the secret police of a totalitarian state [14]"

Analysis of the Indian elections

Found some excellent articles on the results of the Indian elections. Most of them are very revealing and has brought up very new thoughts on why the BJP failed. My opinions of Advani has also changed drastically and now feel that the BJP needs a complete overhaul if it expects to become popular once again.

Apparently the BJP has been highjacked by secularists who do not even understand why the BJP was established in the first place. People in the BJP who want the party to move away from hindutva should start a new party instead of making the BJP change its ideology! The BJP needs a purging of this muck, it seems.

(Why hindus allow our enemies to choose our leaders?)

(Myths on the Indian election)

(The downfall of Modi?)

(Good analysis of Indian elections)

(Tarun Tejpal's ass kissing editorial to Sonia)

(Brilliant analysis of Advani's character)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Indian election fiasco

It is shocking how inspite of the multitude of blunders by the UPA including but not limited to the Arjun Singh OBC reservation fiasco, the N-deal bribing issue, the laxity in punishing terrorists, prise rise, mis-handling of the economy, threatening to impose presidents rule in Orissa and Karnataka, denouncing Lord Ram and trying to destroy the Rama Sethu, portraying Hindus as terrorists, gifting away Nepal to the commies..........................., the Indian people seem to have voted them back to power with even more enthusiasm than even what the UPA expected!!

It is impossible that the Indian populace is so stupid that they would shoot themselves in the foot again!! The media of course played their bit by highjacking the real issues and focused on how handsome Rahul Gandhi looked and how pretty and dignified Priyanka Gandhi appeared while making Varun Gandhi look like some loony who wanted to spread "deheshat" in the country!!

It is not surprising though considering that Kapil Sibal once said more than 150 publications and dailies in India are owned by Congress members. For loyal Congress fellows it won't take much time to carve a legend out of Rahul within a decade.

The BJP now has to rethink its strategy. Most important for it is to stregthen its base in states where it is already ruling such as Karnataka, MP, Chattishgrah, Gujarat, Himachal and Uttarkhand and start making inroads into states like Andhra and Orissa.

I found a good article in the economic times which gives very good advice to the BJP in how best to rise from this low that they have reached. Hopefully there are some important BJP leaders who will read it. Advice ranges from reducing internal bickering and holding presidential primaries, delivering state governments, to grow in size from inside and not look for allies and the best advice is to decide who they are!

A few enlightening reads on the election regarding fraud that might have been perpetrated on the Indian public at least in certain constituencies.


"There is, of course, the possibility that the average voter did not in fact fall for the UPA's charms, and that this election was subject to massive fraud. I am talking about Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Having spent many years in the high-tech world, I do not trust computers, especially embedded systems. Researchers in the US have shown how easy it is to break into EVMs, which is why they have not adopted them. They have realised how important it is to have a paper audit trail, hanging chads and all.
It would not be extraordinarily difficult to install a programme with a Trojan Horse in it. To outward appearances and to ordinary testing, the programme would appear normal. However, when it is fed a sequence of keystrokes by the agent of the party committing the fraud, the Trojan Horse wakes up, and then, regardless of what buttons the voter actually presses, it can assign a certain (non-suspicious-looking) percentage (not 90% but, say 45%) to the preferred party. The Trojan Horse can even be programmed to quietly delete itself when the voting is over. Nobody would know any better, as there is no paper trail.
Let me emphasise that I do not have any evidence that this happened in 2009, but it is worth investigating. There were too many surprising -- almost miraculous -- victories by certain candidates whom the casual observer would have written off. By Occam's Razor, the simplest explanation is fraud. I would like to note in passing that in 2004, expecting the NDA to commit fraud, an Indian Communist in the US had prepared a suit alleging EVM fraud. Therefore it is clear that the thought has occurred to various people that there could be EVM fraud."


"Rawale cited the examples of US and Indonesia where the use of EVMs has been stopped due their inconsistency." I wonder how i got only 5 votes from an area that is a Shiv Sena stronghold," the defeated candidate said. Replying to query, Rawale claimed that the MNS had not impacted the outcome."


"Producing doctored EVMs is child’s play: Computer chips that control the EVMs can be easily programmed to do all kinds of improper manipulations. For example, after a certain number of people (perhaps hundreds) have voted, the rest of the votes may be channeled to a chosen candidate. This is just one among many mischievous tricks possible."


"The room for suspicion is in Vaiko's constituency. How is it that while counting, the votes increased by 23,000 more than the polled votes? There is a register of polled votes. When it is counted, it is much more than that. It means there was rigging also. Those who rigged must have gone overboard in Vaiko's constituency!"

A counter point to the manipulated EVMs is given here,

Christian threat in India

Saw an article in the Indian Express giving details on an inquiry into forced conversions in the Karnataka state. This should put to rest the doubts on whether conversions are always voluntary.

"“Christian missionaries have forcibly converted my family to Christianity,” 20-year-old Akash, a resident of Koppa taluk in Chikmagalur district, told the Justice B K Somashekara Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday.
“On the pretext of helping our family, a few Christians offered Rs 3,000 to my father and converted my family members to Christianity,” Akash said during the cross examination by Rupert Rosario, advocate appearing for the Christian organisation.
“Money was offered to our family with a pre-condition that we embrace Christianity. After joining Christianity himself, my father forced me to join the same religion. But I refused to do so,” Akash said.
Akash admitted that a church in Jaipura of Koppa taluk was attacked due to forcible conversion in that area. He also said that Hindu organisations or his community members did not help them in curing his mother’s disease, but Christians did help by offering money.
Ashwini Manjunath, a resident of Koppa, deposed before the panel and said that when she was 10 years old, one Thomas, a manager in a coffee estate married her widowed mother who later converted to Christianity.
Ashwini alleged that her step-father Thomas harassed her to embrace Christianity, but she did not budge. Later, she escaped from the custody of her step-father when he took her to Mangalore for conversion.
Advocates Madhusudhan Adiga and Satishchandra, appeared for Hindu organisations.
Government advocate Prasanna Deshpande and Srinivas were also present during the hearing."

My cousin in Bangalore wants to marry a Christian girl but her mother is hell bent against it because she believes that he is a devil worshipper and it is a sin to marry a hindu!! Imagine what trash these people are taught in their churches if this is the level of thinking that christians living in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.
The girl on the other hand got my cousin to become willing to convert. Don't ask me his logic for doing so cos I dont think anything will justify such a stupid move.

Also found a good organization called secularism combat, I suspect in response to the trecherous Teesta Setalvad's NGO communalism combat, run by Dr. T H Choudary. His articles are quite nice and am giving a link to one of them,


""Sri Mareppa who till recently was Marketing Minister in the Congress government of Andhra Pradesh enrolled himself as an SC in government records. He contested and won a seat reserved Scheduled Caste in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. But he is a practising Christian and is proud to announce that he is a Christian. For example, to Sakshi a largely circulated Telugu daily of 4th January 2009 he told this…………
“YS (Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy) is my Jesus… He is my heart, he is my life. I said this earlier also. I am reiterating now. I am proud that I have worked in the cabinet of so wonderful a person like Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. I am ever ready to do anything that he (YS) orders me to do. Even if the order is to sacrifice my life also, I will not hesitate….”"

With the Congress winning the election (which I believe have a good chance of having been rigged), the fate of Andhra is in grave danger. The people of Andhra have to wake up and see beyond their stupid caste and money equations, something that they have been obsessed with for decades, if they want their glorious culture and tradition to survive the onslaught of evengelical christianity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nepal Crisis

Here are some very interesting articles on Nepal crisis and the imminent Maoist take over of Nepal


"Much before the showdown between Nepal's Maoist premier and his army chief began leading to the former's resignation, the Left wing
cadres had began forcing Indian-owned companies to shut down operations and shift businesses out of the Himalayan nation. Besides setting deadlines to others, the Maoist cadres, operating under the banner of Maoist Trade Union, had stopped work of an FMCG major in August last year. The employees of the company, owned and run by an Indian since 1989, were forced to leave the factory premises by Maoists and told not to report back for duty. The trouble for Indian enterprises began ever since the Maoist-led regime came to power. This despite the fact that many Indian companies had a labour pact and were assured of protection by the government under the local labour laws before they started operations."


"“In the past, China quickly stepped into the vacuum created by India’s hesitation in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other countries. With Prachanda in power, Nepal was also heading the same way,’’ said a senior officer. India, of course, was caught completely off-balance when Maoists emerged victorious in Nepal’s constituent assembly elections and Prachanda was sworn in as the PM last August. It then belatedly scrambled to engage with the Maoists, even as Prachanda exhibited his pronounced tilt towards China."


"In what can severely damage Nepal Maoist leader Prachanda's credibility, a video has surfaced in Nepal that reveals Prachanda's real intentions. A one year old video clip exposes India's worst fears - where Prachanda on camera promises to fill the Nepalese Army with Maoist cadres. The video exposes Prachanda telling his cadres that his ultimate aim is to capture absolute power. At a Maoist training camp Prachanda told cadres that he viewed the peace process as no more than a tactic.Prachanda also admitted that he lied to UN officials and told them that Maoists numbered 35 thousand whereas in reality Prachanda had less than seven thousand fighters.It was a clever move to get more compensation but it all flies in the face of Prachanda's public image and now there is a big question mark over Prachanda's credibility. "


"The Nepali Congress, the second largest party after the Maoists, Monday began a two-pronged attack on the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), the political mission of the UN that entered Nepal in 2007 to help in the peace negotiations between the Maoist guerrillas and the then seven-party coalition government led by the NC. After a video tape leak last week, the NC has begun doubting the UNMIN’s credibility and is calling for a fresh screening of the over 19,000 Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants who have been barracked in 28 cantonments since the end of the Maoist insurgency in 2006. In the tape, that raises fresh doubts about the peace plans of the Maoists, guerrilla supremo and caretaker Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has been recorded as telling his PLA fighters that their number was jacked up five-fold to over 30,000 when UNMIN began screening them in 2007 even though they actually numbered between 7,000-8,000. "


(An article by Tarun Vijay)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting back India's black money

t and brings back There is apparently a lot of money in foriegn bank accounts by Indians who have tried to evade taxes and also with a lot of other illicit money.
The BJP has promised to bring back the money as soon as possible. The congress on the other hand has been trying to obfuscate the issue since most of the money must be owned by Congress people.

Here is an interview of S. Gurumurthy, a renowned chartered accountant, who is part of the task force to bring the money back,


"At that time Advaniji felt as the PM was attending the April 2 meeting, he should take up this issue. But our people remained silent at the G-20 preparatory meet.
See what India did. We didn't forcefully ask the Germans to give us the particulars. When Germany and France took up the matter in the OECD, we didn't welcome it. When they took up the matter in G-20 we did not support them or join them. So, from all this arose a big question, whether the government was at all interested in working against illicit Indian monies abroad. That is why Advaniji took up the matter. As the government did not take it up, the BJP had to take it up as an electoral issue

Professor Vaidynathan is a well known faculty in IIM-B who is also a member of the task force the BJP has constituted to bring back the money,


"It is not due to our pressure but that of US which will make them co-operate. When a family is in deep financial crisis then it tries to look at the small amount saved under the sugar jar by grandma. Same way developed economies are desperate for every dollar. Even if we do not act due to their efforts the list of crooks may be out, then we will be in a dangerous social situation since the who's who of India will be there. Instead we should get it and get the funds and decide on the steps to sterilise it. Otherwise, the world will laugh at us."

From the editorial of the Indian Express,

"Mystification” is how the additional solicitor general felt about a petition in the Supreme Court, filed by several eminent Indians, seeking recovery of perhaps Rs 70 lakh crore of black money in secret Swiss bank accounts. Gopal Subramaniam was mystified by the petition’s timing; he perhaps sees BJP prime ministerial candidate L K Advani’s promise of a 100-day plan to retrieve that black money as being an election gimmick.
His suspicions were echoed by the Congress party’s candidate for Leader of Opposition, Rahul Gandhi, who promised voters in Hyderabad an enquiry. “The BJP would forget their promises of unlocking the money from Swiss bank accounts because they know there was no such money anywhere,” young Rahul thundered, mystifying listeners about what exactly would be enquired — the very fact of black money or the BJP’s sincerity. In any case he did not promise to bring back any money from abroad.
Congress strategist Jairam Ramesh has gone from blue-eyed to cross-eyed over the amount that Advani claims was salted away between 2002 and 2006. Research by Advani’s task force suggests it could be Rs 70 lakh crore, the higher end of estimates in the Global Financial Integrity report of the Washington-based Centre for International Policy; Jairam cites the lower end of those estimates, about Rs 14 lakh crore. That still seems like a hell of a lot of money.
Jairam also coyly proposes that the negative flow in India’s capital account suggests a reversal of capital flight — meaning that people are stashing their black money in India. So that’s why we had participatory notes for foreign investors! Now it all makes sense. The UPA was trying to turn India into a nuclear-powered Swiss bank. Thank God for the global economic slowdown.
Even the man behind the PNs, P Chidambaram, whose IQ is higher than the Sensex (in contrast to those politicians whose IQs are lower than the current dollar price of crude oil per barrel) is mystified. He wondered in Sivaganga whether Advani’s 100- day action plan was a smokescreen: “I wonder whether he is unwittingly alerting those who have deposits abroad to re-arrange their affairs in the next four weeks before a new government is sworn in.” So Chidambaram is accusing Advani of both deliberation (by fiendishly setting up a smokescreen) and inadvertence (by unwittingly alerting those with foreign piles). He is like a sophist on steroids. Also, he should be careful lest someone alert his boss Sonia Gandhi that he is going around openly declaring that these are the Congress party’s last four weeks in power, and that the UPA will be handing the reins of government to someone else.
Congress spokesperson Kapil Sibal is another brainy guy, but he refuses to succumb to mystification. Rather, he scoffs at Advani’s plan as he believes that Advani does not know the legal procedure for getting black money back from Swiss banks.
That’s like saying that Advani cannot file his tax returns because he does not know how to fill out the form. It also appears to ignore one minor event in London at the beginning of this month: the G20 meeting.
You may recall that the G20 decided to crackdown on tax havens by agreeing to fix the loopholes that currently exist around hedge funds and tax havens. This has come shortly after America’s threats to UBS of Switzerland to reveal the estimated 52,000 accounts held by Americans. The US said that about $15 billion dollars of untaxed money were held in the Swiss bank. Our tax laws may differ from the USA’s, but it appears that there is a new global political will to end this convenience for the fabulously wealthy, and that there will be concerted legal action to do so. Even if India does not have the requisite legal tools, formulating new ones will not be difficult in the new global environment.
What is common to all the statements by this galaxy of Congressmen is the accusation that the BJP is looking to derive political mileage from the promise of a 100- day action plan; that the NDA government did nothing about recovering black money during its tenure; and that the retrieval of black money is a minor derivative issue, meant to detract from weightier issues that confront the nation.
It may well be that talk of recovery of such monies will not generate the wave of votes that can propel the BJP into power.
It appears that most voters, and even those who are paying attention, do not comprehend the enormity of the sum involved; eve n i f we see the number 7,00,00,00,00,00,000, we do not understand it. If they do not understand it, how can it become an emotive issue for them? Yet the reason that Advani has mooted it, and why Rahul is dismissive, is that for their parties these elections are a neck-andneck race. Every incremental gain is unquantifiable but necessary if the final tally of each party is to be pushed up, piecemeal, to 150 seats or more. Hence emotive or not, each issue is a worthwhile pursuit. The argument that it is politically motivated is nonsensical, because all policy initiatives in a democracy must be politically motivated.
Elections are the best time to test a policy proposal; it is when you have people’s attention, and when the politician’s patience with voters is inexhaustible. The world’s most successful politician currently is Barack Obama, and it was during his gruelling campaign that he fine-tuned or fleshed out many of his ideas and policy proposals. In this context, any accusation of gimmickry sounds more like “sour grapes”.
It is equally misguided to say that the BJP will drop its proposal on May 14, the day after the last round of polling, or to wonder why nothing happened during the tenure of A B Vajpayee. If the BJP does forget this promise, it will not be the first party in India or abroad to do so, but that seems unlikely given the kind of research already put in by Advani’s task force. As to why nothing happened during the Vajpayee tenure is tantamount to wondering why Vajpayee did not solve the Kashmir issue.
Whatever be the many reasons, does it mean Advani should not try to resolve it? Certainly there are weightier issues confronting the nation, but it appears that all parties have made their broad ideologies clear in these elections, and what remains are their details of proposed governance.
The BJP has promised to honour the nuclear deal with the USA, another issue that carries no emotional weight with voters (as evidenced by the Congress party’s campaign amnesia on Manmohan Singh’s single achievement in five years), but it is another detail that sharpens the image of the party in the voter’s mind. Congressmen may suffer mystification, but it is certain that the Indian voter does not.


About The Author:
Aditya Sinha is the Editor-in-Chief of The New Indian Express and is based in Chennai.

Korean missionaries

Korea is a beautiful country with wonderful people and a great culture. Unfortunately, the chritsianization of Korea has reulted in utter destruction of the people's values and traditions. It is extremely sad to see how a religion can totally destroy a civilization. Indian faces the same threat and there has to be an active effort to fight it.
Details on how koreans have suffered due to Christianity is given below.


These people have become so brainwashed that they are now the country sending the second highest number of missionaries to the wrold after the US. Remember the missionaries who were caught by the Taliban in Afghanistan recently. They were released only after the Christian government in South Korea gave the Taliban millions of dollars as ransom.

Here is an article showing how these korean missionaries go to poor countries and prey on their misfortune. Apparently they are happy to see disasters happen to people since this gives them an opportunity to convert the affected. Talk about warped minds!!


"Korean missionaries tell me that after decades of war, civil war and turmoil, Cambodia is open to evangelisation. Buddhism is seen as having been weakened by decades of war and the anti-religious regime of the Khmer Rouge. The number of Korean Christian missionaries in Cambodia has risen in recent years to at least 400.

The missionaries claim that conversion is not only the key to a life according to God's will, but also to prosperity. They cite South Korea as an example, where a rapid Christianisation has accompanied rapid industrialisation. Moses Hahn, for example, has only one explanation for the huge disparity in wealth between North and South Korea.
"There is only one reason. They have no God, but we have God - true God," he says. "

BJP in K'taka

The BJP in Karnataka, has tried hard to remove the tag of being "communal" a term foisted on it by traitors and anti-nationals. Instead of pooh-poohing it away and setting about its agenda, the BJP has fallen for the trap and involved itself in appearing secular in the eyes of those who despise the BJP and what it stands for. No matter what the BJP does it cannot remove the communal tag, so it is a wonder if the great minds in the party cannot see through this wateful endeavour.

One the main things that the BJP has highlighted in its achievements category in Karnataka has been the fact that they increased the funding to Islamic organizations (madrassa, mosques, etc) from 30 crores to 120 crores in the last state budget. In the effort to removing the "communal" tag the BJP in K'taka is actually becoming communal by giving hindu tax payers money to muslims. There is already enough money coming to the muslims from the middle east. Instead of taxing that money the stupid BJP is giving them more!!

Inspite of all that, the muslims in K'taka have decided to issue a fatwa against the BJP. When will the BJP learn that the worst thing they can do is to betray its main voter base.


Life under Commie rule in India

There are some people in India who have a utopian dream of living under communist rule thinking that it is the answer to all social problems.

Here is a list of recent news articles which sould make these naive souls think twice.


(If some women are beaten in K'taka for illegal drinking then it is shame on the country and it is termed "Hindu terror" and Renuka Choudary gets worried about Talibanization of Mangalore but no one seems to be bothered about people being killed and raped in Commie land since there it is just another day filled with fear and violence!)


"As the Lok Sabha poll campaign gathers steam in the Left-ruled Kerala, a top Church official has described the CPI-M as a 'threat' to democracy and warned that India will suffer the same fate as China under Mao Zedong.
'The Marxist party will use all kinds of tactics to strengthen itself in places where it is in power. That they will do throughout India once they get to power at the Centre, will be no different from Mao or Stalin,' says Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil in his book Straight From Heart.""


"“There is no way you can protest because the CPI(M) cadre are watching your movements all the time,” says Nirmal Mandal. He recalls how a few years ago, Thatu Mandi — a BJP worker — was pulled out of a protest rally before being flogged to death. “No one talks for fear of these people,” says son Rabi, while his helpless mother looks blankly even as she holds the bar of a ‘dying’ tubewell."


"Trouble has been brewing at the Sabarimala temple due to the serious difference of opinion between the president of the TDB C.K. Guptan and two other board members, P. Narayanan and Sumathikutty Amma.
While Guptan has been the nominee of the Communist Party of India-Marxist and is also the son-in-law of legendary Communist E.M.S. Nampoothiripad, Narayanan is a former Communist Party of India legislator and Sumathikutty is a nominee of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.
The problems began ever since the TDB took over the production of the prasadam following the failure of the contractor to meet the demand. The daily production of prasadam is around 125,000 cans and due to shortage of cans the authorities have been forced to restrict the supply."

(Imagine communists running one of India's most visited temple!! It is completely against democracy fpr commies to control a religious place. It is crazy how the Keralites allow such behaviour from the commies. Its crazy how the two states -West Bengal and kerala which had produced some of the greatest saints in India has now degenerated into commie wastelands))