Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More stuff on India and Indians


(An essay on Caste perversion by Brits!)


(Degradation of Indian history texts by communists)


(Pathetic Indian media wrongly analyses the election results on purpose!)

Then a surprisingly good article by Vir Sanghvi on Indian liberals and one about India getting a a new minority,

(Alienating our own culture)

Facts on Islam by Anwar Sheikh

Anwar Sheikh is a pakistani author who moved to England and eventually gave up Islam after studying it in detail.


His works are very thought provoking and are a must read.
Here is one of his books which is available free on the internet,


"Since Prophethood seeks to elevate a Prophet at the expense of God, it has, obviously, nothing to do with God or guidance. It is just a political device of the Middle Eastern origin, which enables its operator to achieve his ambitions under the pretence of spirituality. With a view to bridling the curious human mind, the doctrine of Prophethood discourages free will, which is the fountain of free-thinking, enquiry and social progress. Instead, it imposes complete hegemony of fate on man to drive him as if he were an ass."

Micheal Witzel and his sick mind

Here are some really enlightening article on the Harvard Professor Micheal Witzel; a professor of sanskrit who cannot speak the language!!

Micheal Witzel was the "expert" who tried hard to keep the lies about Hinduism in California School education textbooks and eventually lost.

An investigation on his credentials and arguments clearly show that he is nothing but an ignorant racial bigot,





(Proof that Witzel colludes with evangelicals)


(Students at Harvard debate with Witzel)

"It is important for the State Board of Education to make sure that the textbooks in California do not mention anything about recent excavations, carbon dating techniques, genetic evidence, methods used by geophysicists, and the discovery of the bones of horses and various other relics. All these are conspiracies hatched by Hindus along with the faculty members in the science departments of various universities and media outlets.

Instead, our children must be taught true history based upon facts found in the Bible. For this purpose, it is important to consider the works of Max Muller and Prof. Stanley Wolpert along with the arguments of Dr. Steve Farmer and Prof. Michael Witzel.California has always been a trendsetter and it is distressing that other states have forged ahead of California when it comes to teaching creation science. This anomaly must be corrected immediately and it can be corrected by teaching Aryan Invasion Theory which is based on creation science.

The State Board of Education must be commended for accepting the recommendations of Muslims, Jews, and Christians, but having a separate meeting to decide the recommendations of Hindus. This shows that SBE believes in being loyal to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

This loyalty must now be taken to the next step by showing Hindus their place and teaching Aryan Invasion Theory and the underlying theory of creation science to our children.You must disregard the claims of Hindus and make sure that you take into consideration only the demands of Christians and Indian Communists when it comes to determining what the textbooks teach about Hindus. America is a Christian nation and only the White Christian nationalist viewpoint must be considered."


(A must read!)


(Who are opposing the HIndu initiative to end discrimination in California Textbooks?)


Some informative articles on Hindutva and its importance



(Protecting Hindu rights abroad)


(Hindutva needed to preserve our cultural heritage)


(Various social work done by Hindu organizations)


(Preventing falsehood from being spread about Hinduism!)


(Fighting against insults like this)

The BJP which was supposed to stand for hindutva has let it down, and is now presently in a dilemma on what to do.

China and India

Found some interesting articles concerning China and India...


(Chinese passing off fake drugs as Made in India!!)


(Fake notes in India. Surely made by a collaboration between China and Pakistan)


(Brilliant article on the India-China war with a lot of information on how Nehru crippled India in the lead up to it)


(What the Chinese do to the minorities)

Collection of articles


(The myth of Alexander in India)


(How the Indian Navy is still stuck in the elitist colonial mindset!)
"According to the local sources, Indian Navy's "colonial traditions" had given an additional headache to the shipyard, which while finalising the refit estimate had never thought that it would have to be re-carved to place new corridors to keep ordinary sailors away from the officer's quarters. "We have an egalitarian society and our officers and men use the same corridors and gangways. Another surprise for the shipyard was the Indian demand for a bar for the officers. In Russia, in general, we have 'dry law' on the naval vessels. "To find furniture for the bar was a big problem as no Russian factory makes it for naval vessels," said a Russian defence correspondent, who accompanied President Dmitry Medvedev on an inspection tour to the shipyard."

(Fanatic muslims attack man for being friends with a muslim girl)


(J&K government agrees to pay teaching salaries to anti India hate mongers!!)


(Lal Bahadur Shastri death kept a secret!!)
"“The family members of Shastri-ji have been denied information on the ground that if information demanded under RTI (Right To Information Act) by his family members connected with his death is made public, then foreign relations may be damaged and there may be disturbances in the country,” he added."

(Sadhvi Pragya and the ATS, the NGO's dont seem to care about human rights in this case!)


(Kasmir events repeating in W. Bengal!!)


(A very interesting write up on the historicity of the Mahabharata)

(How India should learn from the Chinese in solving the Kashmir issue!)


(The first Hindu uprising in Goa against the colonialists)


(An extremely interesting article on who discovered america- This seems all the more plausible after I saw the Hindu temples in Java which look extremely similar to the Mayan and Aztec pyramid temples!!)

(Interesting article on how the Caste system was created by the british!)

(On how the Commies hate Sanskrit!)


(Francois gautier attempting to highlight the Human rights abuses that Hindus experience)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

EVMs and the Indian elections

It is obvious that the congress highjacked the election process to put themselves in the drivers eat. The fact that many congress people have themselves put cases in court in orissa about tampered EVMs shows that the EVMs are clearly not tamper proof.

More proof is given in these articles,





See what the congress is doing now,



Arun Shourie and the BJP

Being denied the right to voice his concerns and points in the BJP national executive, Arun Shourie was forced to make his voice heard through the print media where he has written a series of 4 articles in the Indian express on the fall of Indian political parties. Of course all the points he raises are meant for the BJP and its leaders.

Here are the articles,





The response to these articles within the sangh and the BJP appears to be promising with the RSS looking forward to major changes in the leadership of the BJP,



"Sources say that Arun Shourie’s piercing critique of the party’s functioning has reinforced the Sangh perception that the BJP needs an overhaul. Some senior Sangh leaders have said the issues Shourie has raised should be thoroughly discussed, indicating they favour change.
The sources said many Sangh leaders had congratulated Shourie for his analysis, in his newspaper articles, of the leadership crisis in the BJP.
Although the BJP has dismissed the criticism as Shourie’s personal views, many leaders do support his offensive. "

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interesting links


Some facts on Tarun Tejpal


Good analysis of India's skewed treatment of anti-nationals and patriots!


Hopefully this padayatra will help!

Another EVM tampering case from the Indian Express!
"On Saturday, Gurupadappa Nagamarapalli of the BJP, who was defeated by Dharam Singh in the Bidar LS poll, filed a petition against the former chief minister alleging that the EVMs had been tampered in the recently concluded LS polls.
Interestingly, Gurupadappa’s son, Suryakant Nagamarapalli, who had lost the Bidar bye-election to Rahim Khan of the Congress, also filed a petition over the same reason.Senior Advocate Pramila Nesargi filed the petitions against former chief minister Dharam Singh and Rahim Khan in the Circuit Bench of the High Court.
Speaking to Express, she said the Election Commission had entrusted the work of manufacturing EVMs to Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore, and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad.But according to her, these two companies
had outsourced the manufacturing of microprocessors used in the EVMs to a foreign country in complete violation of the provisions of the Constitution. Nesargi said that neither the Parliament nor any constitutional authority had authorised the EC or the BEL/ECIL to outsource the manufacture of micro-processors.According to her, microprocessors lodged in the EVMs could be monitored with the help of a remote control; and in Nesargi’s view, this is what transpired in Bidar.Raising doubts about the conduct of the Returning Officer during the Bidar LS polls, she said the officer went inside the strong room, where EVMs were stored, twice without informing the candidates.
According to Nesargi, it was mandatory for the Returning Officer to ensure the presence of candidates while entering the strong room.Nesargi also pointed out another ‘discrepancy’. She said that in some polling booths Gurupadappa had polled only one and two votes, an impossible scenario according to her if you take into account the votes he would be getting from his polling agents and his family.Such instances clearly point to the tampering of the EVMs, said Nesargi. “This is the first time such a case has been filed in India,” the senior advocate claimed.All the documents supporting the petition and one CD
have been submitted to the Court, she said."


On how fake sanyassins use the ochre robe to fool naive seekers!


A good collection made by Praful Goradia of masjids that have been contructed over Hindu temples.


Eye witness testimony of what happened at Godhra. The media has blacked this out and focussed only on the retaliation.