Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arun Shourie and the BJP

Being denied the right to voice his concerns and points in the BJP national executive, Arun Shourie was forced to make his voice heard through the print media where he has written a series of 4 articles in the Indian express on the fall of Indian political parties. Of course all the points he raises are meant for the BJP and its leaders.

Here are the articles,

The response to these articles within the sangh and the BJP appears to be promising with the RSS looking forward to major changes in the leadership of the BJP,

"Sources say that Arun Shourie’s piercing critique of the party’s functioning has reinforced the Sangh perception that the BJP needs an overhaul. Some senior Sangh leaders have said the issues Shourie has raised should be thoroughly discussed, indicating they favour change.
The sources said many Sangh leaders had congratulated Shourie for his analysis, in his newspaper articles, of the leadership crisis in the BJP.
Although the BJP has dismissed the criticism as Shourie’s personal views, many leaders do support his offensive. "

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