Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Collection of articles


(The myth of Alexander in India)


(How the Indian Navy is still stuck in the elitist colonial mindset!)
"According to the local sources, Indian Navy's "colonial traditions" had given an additional headache to the shipyard, which while finalising the refit estimate had never thought that it would have to be re-carved to place new corridors to keep ordinary sailors away from the officer's quarters. "We have an egalitarian society and our officers and men use the same corridors and gangways. Another surprise for the shipyard was the Indian demand for a bar for the officers. In Russia, in general, we have 'dry law' on the naval vessels. "To find furniture for the bar was a big problem as no Russian factory makes it for naval vessels," said a Russian defence correspondent, who accompanied President Dmitry Medvedev on an inspection tour to the shipyard."

(Fanatic muslims attack man for being friends with a muslim girl)


(J&K government agrees to pay teaching salaries to anti India hate mongers!!)


(Lal Bahadur Shastri death kept a secret!!)
"“The family members of Shastri-ji have been denied information on the ground that if information demanded under RTI (Right To Information Act) by his family members connected with his death is made public, then foreign relations may be damaged and there may be disturbances in the country,” he added."

(Sadhvi Pragya and the ATS, the NGO's dont seem to care about human rights in this case!)


(Kasmir events repeating in W. Bengal!!)


(A very interesting write up on the historicity of the Mahabharata)

(How India should learn from the Chinese in solving the Kashmir issue!)


(The first Hindu uprising in Goa against the colonialists)


(An extremely interesting article on who discovered america- This seems all the more plausible after I saw the Hindu temples in Java which look extremely similar to the Mayan and Aztec pyramid temples!!)

(Interesting article on how the Caste system was created by the british!)

(On how the Commies hate Sanskrit!)


(Francois gautier attempting to highlight the Human rights abuses that Hindus experience)

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