Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Some facts on Tarun Tejpal

Good analysis of India's skewed treatment of anti-nationals and patriots!

Hopefully this padayatra will help!

Another EVM tampering case from the Indian Express!
"On Saturday, Gurupadappa Nagamarapalli of the BJP, who was defeated by Dharam Singh in the Bidar LS poll, filed a petition against the former chief minister alleging that the EVMs had been tampered in the recently concluded LS polls.
Interestingly, Gurupadappa’s son, Suryakant Nagamarapalli, who had lost the Bidar bye-election to Rahim Khan of the Congress, also filed a petition over the same reason.Senior Advocate Pramila Nesargi filed the petitions against former chief minister Dharam Singh and Rahim Khan in the Circuit Bench of the High Court.
Speaking to Express, she said the Election Commission had entrusted the work of manufacturing EVMs to Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore, and Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad.But according to her, these two companies
had outsourced the manufacturing of microprocessors used in the EVMs to a foreign country in complete violation of the provisions of the Constitution. Nesargi said that neither the Parliament nor any constitutional authority had authorised the EC or the BEL/ECIL to outsource the manufacture of micro-processors.According to her, microprocessors lodged in the EVMs could be monitored with the help of a remote control; and in Nesargi’s view, this is what transpired in Bidar.Raising doubts about the conduct of the Returning Officer during the Bidar LS polls, she said the officer went inside the strong room, where EVMs were stored, twice without informing the candidates.
According to Nesargi, it was mandatory for the Returning Officer to ensure the presence of candidates while entering the strong room.Nesargi also pointed out another ‘discrepancy’. She said that in some polling booths Gurupadappa had polled only one and two votes, an impossible scenario according to her if you take into account the votes he would be getting from his polling agents and his family.Such instances clearly point to the tampering of the EVMs, said Nesargi. “This is the first time such a case has been filed in India,” the senior advocate claimed.All the documents supporting the petition and one CD
have been submitted to the Court, she said."

On how fake sanyassins use the ochre robe to fool naive seekers!

A good collection made by Praful Goradia of masjids that have been contructed over Hindu temples.

Eye witness testimony of what happened at Godhra. The media has blacked this out and focussed only on the retaliation.

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