Thursday, June 25, 2009

News updates

Found some interesting articles on the net,

The commies have been asking for banning the Hindu organizations and now back track saying that they never demanded such a thing. A clear proof of the ease with which these sick commie Ba^%$#s lie.

Hindu priest attacked in Ireland, no Indian media seems to be bothered leave alone the MMS government.

Fiji polic join Christian crusade. No one seems to be raising any eyebrows to such a move but saying "I am proud to be a Hindu" is a communal act!!

"The government also wants to set up an All India Madrassa Board which will award degrees equivalent to CBSE and other boards. The board will frame policy to impart secular and technical education to Muslims without interfering the religious teachings. "We will strive to evolve a consensus on this issue," he said, adding that efforts would also be made to amend the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act to further strengthen it."

Good article on how India is under threat.

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