Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BJP infiltrated

Sudheendra Kulkarni, an IIT-B graduate has been enjoying a lot of influence in the BJP acting as LK Advani's political advisor. What qualified him to be one is unknown. He took over the reins of the BJP's political campaign for the general elections in 2009. His pathetic performance resulted in the BJP facing a horrible defeat in one the the most important election that the nation has faced.

He is now putting the blame on all the others and especially the RSS. The fact that he chose "Tehelka" to write his opinion itself should indicate where his loylties lie. It is highly possible that he was planted in the BJP by the commies/missionaries to sabotage the BJP campaign. They certainly succeeded.


Kanchan Gupta gave a short reply to his article ,

A brilliant reply to Kulkarni's article is given by his classmate in IIT-B, Anil Chawla, where he exposes both Kulkarni as well as LK Advani as being highly selfish people who look after their own interests at the cost of the party.


Sudheendra Kulkarni also exposed himself by praising the Hindu-Christian inter faith dialogue which is a clear ploy to aid conversions in India.

I am no longer an admirer of Advani as he has proven beyond doubt that he is nothing but a self serving politician who only pais lip service to the hindu masses just to gain power. It is befitting that he did not become the prime minister.

All of Advani's coterie including Jaitley and Shushma Swaraj need to be booted out of the party. Jaitley is actually not so bad I guess but it was under Swaraj's tenure as communication minister that she allowed forrign direct investment in media thanks to which we now have the anti national CNN-IBN, IBN-Live, etc.

A very good analysis on why the BJP lost and what the BJP needs to do to has been written by a fellow blogger ZoomIndian,


Dr. Togadia's brilliant piece in the organiser details how the BJP betrayed the very people who voted them into the single largest party.


Instead of splitting the BJP or dissolving it to start anew, the people who do not believe in hindutva should leave the BJP and start their own party. Highjacking the BJP should not be allowed.

Thankfully the mess is not present throughout the party,


At least one MLA considers it his responsibility to educate the people of his constituency.

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