Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worrisome news from India

Found some very disturbing news today

"Buoyed by the response from Muslim voters, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has decided to go ahead with minority development programmes. Muslim representation will be increased in education and in government jobs. But, fearing protests, the government is refraining from talking about quotas for them.

Though not clearly uttering "reservations for Muslims", minority affairs minister Salman Khurshid said the government will go for strong "affirmative action in the Indian way, not restricting to quota"

I can understand why affirmative action is required in the US for Black people. The africans were made slaves and treated very badly and thus the white people have to make it up to them.
In India, it is the Muslims who enslaved and persecuted the hindus!! Why on earth are the hindus obliged to take responsibility for the villians and introduce affirmative action?!!
I hope the BJP makes a big noise about this. But with Shushma Swaraj ("Ayodya issue is an ecashed cheque) and Jaitley being the new leaders in the LS and RS, that seems unlikely.

Another hindu seer killed in Orissa

"The brutal murder of Mauni Baba on Tuesday at Puri is a grim reminder of the August 23 killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, said BJP national secretary Dharmendra Pradhan.
While the State is witnessing a series of killings by Left Wing ultras, the killing of the Seer has once again proved that the law and order situation of the State is worsening day by day and the Chief Minister has miserably failed to provide security to the people

"The caste war in Maharashtra has taken its toll on the newly published Std IV history and civics textbook. Key references to Brahmin teacher Dadaji Konddev and his role in the life of the Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji have been altered dramatically.

A colour picture showing Konddev prominently next to Shivaji in the previous textbook (published in 2000) now shows Konddev in the background.These are just some of the changes in the textbook.The Sambhaji brigade had led a stir demanding the "demotion" of Dadaji Konddev.

The demand to remove Dadoji Kondadev's statue at Lal Mahal in Pune came forward along with a demand to remove his name as Shivaji's teacher from history textbooks
The state government appointed a committee to look into the matter pertaining to an award in the name of Kondadev while Balbharati appointed a separate committee to look into the demand by Maratha organisations

I wonder who these idiots are in the Sambhaji brigade!! I think it is the same arseholes who destroyed valuable artifacts when they burned a library having old manuscripts in protest for a book written on Shivaji!!

What do they want?!! Do they want to change history fact? They want Dadoji Kondadev's name removed just because he is a Brahmin?!! How much ever they may object, the fact remains that Dadoji was Shivaji's tutor.

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