Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congress better?

Recently the BJP has been behaving totally wierd and it is possible that Congress rule might actually be better than BJP rule right now!

Firstly, the Karnataka BJP, increased Madrassa funding from Rs. 30 crores to 120 crores annually in the state budget!! Inspite of that the muslims in Karnataka gave a fatwa to vote against the BJP.

Turns out that even in Rajasthan, the BJP government gave a lot of money to madrassas for thei modernization. Giving computers is not modernizing them. They will only use it to further their Jehadi ideals!! Turns out that once Congress started ruling the state, the madrassas are not finded anymore.


Also, now in Gujarat, 3 muslim boys kidnapped and raped a hindu girl. Immediately the state govt. detained 40-50 VHP people. It looks like Modi, is trying very hard to remove the communal tag that the pseudo-seculars and commies have given him.



It was good to know that the locals beat up the rapists.

The Gujarat govt. has also started tapping phones of VHP personnell which is illegal,


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