Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AID, ASHA and other similar NGO's

Found some very good articles on AID and other NGO's which work against India, directly or indirectly.

I have a friend in AID who I had a heated debate with. When I said it would be better to fund hindu groups for disaster relief she said that it would be unfair for the minorities. She was completely ignorant that hindu organizations help everyone irrespective of religion and that non-hindu organization (like World Vision) directly or indirectly support religious discrimination. Secondly, the Xtians and the muslims have wealthy societies outside of the country from where there is a flood of wealth which comes to them. It is their fault if this money is mostly used to gain poitical power and for proselytising. So while the Xtians and muslims are taken care of by there brethren who will take care of the hindus?

The ASHA group at my university rejected a proposal which included distributing comic books (amar Chitra katha variety) among children to enlighten them about Indian culture and history becasue they considered it "communal"!!!

Most if not all AID, ASHA people are victims of this perverse logic that anything hindu is anti somebody else!

Here are some links which make very informative reads on this topic.


  1. If you are helping ALL irrespective of their religion then why do you need to use Hinduism as basis to support Hindus only? Anything done for specific religion has different motive to it that is to promote that specific religion. I donate but I don't care if a Hindu or Muslim is getting the donation. There is need at a humanitarian level to curb hunger and education.

    Who will take care of Hindus? The question is very loaded isn't it? when are you going to look at all this by removing your religious lens?

  2. When the Muslims and Xtians look at things with a religious lens, the Hindus have no choice but to do the same to preserve themselves!

  3. Kannon, They have their agenda as well so their cause is not noble. Nor is yours if you follow the suite. And by your statement you unsuspectingly gave away your real agenda behind donations. Nobody will find fault in your cause if you distributed food to slum dwellers without taking a hinduism banner to them. All they need is help. Xtians first help and then convert ofcourse it is their agenda to convert! But still Who will slum dwellers support? you who are so vocal and concern yourself about winning debates or those who support and then let their cause known? There is a basic difference. I don't donate to any religion based organization. I treat the bible toting Xtain coming to my door for donations and a vibhudi clad "brahmin" who comes for donation exactly the same way. Which is say NO to them. Because they have agenda for religion. I hope you see the difference between donation and donation in the name of religion.