Saturday, May 23, 2009

Analysis of the Indian elections

Found some excellent articles on the results of the Indian elections. Most of them are very revealing and has brought up very new thoughts on why the BJP failed. My opinions of Advani has also changed drastically and now feel that the BJP needs a complete overhaul if it expects to become popular once again.

Apparently the BJP has been highjacked by secularists who do not even understand why the BJP was established in the first place. People in the BJP who want the party to move away from hindutva should start a new party instead of making the BJP change its ideology! The BJP needs a purging of this muck, it seems.
(Why hindus allow our enemies to choose our leaders?)
(Myths on the Indian election)
(The downfall of Modi?)
(Good analysis of Indian elections)
(Tarun Tejpal's ass kissing editorial to Sonia)
(Brilliant analysis of Advani's character)

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