Saturday, May 2, 2009

BJP in K'taka

The BJP in Karnataka, has tried hard to remove the tag of being "communal" a term foisted on it by traitors and anti-nationals. Instead of pooh-poohing it away and setting about its agenda, the BJP has fallen for the trap and involved itself in appearing secular in the eyes of those who despise the BJP and what it stands for. No matter what the BJP does it cannot remove the communal tag, so it is a wonder if the great minds in the party cannot see through this wateful endeavour.

One the main things that the BJP has highlighted in its achievements category in Karnataka has been the fact that they increased the funding to Islamic organizations (madrassa, mosques, etc) from 30 crores to 120 crores in the last state budget. In the effort to removing the "communal" tag the BJP in K'taka is actually becoming communal by giving hindu tax payers money to muslims. There is already enough money coming to the muslims from the middle east. Instead of taxing that money the stupid BJP is giving them more!!

Inspite of all that, the muslims in K'taka have decided to issue a fatwa against the BJP. When will the BJP learn that the worst thing they can do is to betray its main voter base.

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