Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Snake behind the White Tiger

Found a brilliant write up on the Man-Booker prize winning author Aravind Adiga who won the award for his Hindu bashing novel called "The White Tiger".

"In a single breath, Adiga takes upon his young self the huge responsibility of highlighting all the ‘brutal injustices’ of India, while feeling proud enough to compare himself with Flaubert, Balzac and Dickens. "

"On the level of language too, Adiga falls far too short. The style of narration doesn’t match the projected aim to point out the ‘brutal injustices’ of Indian society. His style takes him nearer post-modern writing while his aim is as ambitious as of a Communist ideologue. For this purpose Adiga inserts some of the most famous secular slogans in Balram’s speeches, but his narration being post-modern is personal and individualistic."

"According to Adiga, the salient features of India are:
-Every traditional Indian village has a blue-movie (pornographic) theatre [4]
- No one can enter Indian malls without wearing shoes. Shoes are compulsory [5]
- No low-caste man can ever enter an Indian mall. Even if he enters stealthily, he is then caught, beaten and publicly humiliated [6]
- In India, if an owner runs over a man with his car, his driver has to go to jail instead [7]
- If a servant steals anything, then his entire family, back home, is ritually lynched to death (their women being repeatedly raped) [8]
- Every Indian book stall sells ‘rape magazines’ [9]
- There are separate markets for servants [10]
- Indian brothels take extra money from servants, called ‘Working-class surcharge’ [11]
- Sadhus are actually homosexual hookers who get paid to be buggered by foreigners [12]
- A common Hindu is worse than an Islamic terrorist [13]
- Indian caste system is worse, or at least as bad as the secret police of a totalitarian state [14]"

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