Saturday, May 2, 2009

Korean missionaries

Korea is a beautiful country with wonderful people and a great culture. Unfortunately, the chritsianization of Korea has reulted in utter destruction of the people's values and traditions. It is extremely sad to see how a religion can totally destroy a civilization. Indian faces the same threat and there has to be an active effort to fight it.
Details on how koreans have suffered due to Christianity is given below.

These people have become so brainwashed that they are now the country sending the second highest number of missionaries to the wrold after the US. Remember the missionaries who were caught by the Taliban in Afghanistan recently. They were released only after the Christian government in South Korea gave the Taliban millions of dollars as ransom.

Here is an article showing how these korean missionaries go to poor countries and prey on their misfortune. Apparently they are happy to see disasters happen to people since this gives them an opportunity to convert the affected. Talk about warped minds!!

"Korean missionaries tell me that after decades of war, civil war and turmoil, Cambodia is open to evangelisation. Buddhism is seen as having been weakened by decades of war and the anti-religious regime of the Khmer Rouge. The number of Korean Christian missionaries in Cambodia has risen in recent years to at least 400.

The missionaries claim that conversion is not only the key to a life according to God's will, but also to prosperity. They cite South Korea as an example, where a rapid Christianisation has accompanied rapid industrialisation. Moses Hahn, for example, has only one explanation for the huge disparity in wealth between North and South Korea.
"There is only one reason. They have no God, but we have God - true God," he says. "

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