Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nepal Crisis

Here are some very interesting articles on Nepal crisis and the imminent Maoist take over of Nepal


"Much before the showdown between Nepal's Maoist premier and his army chief began leading to the former's resignation, the Left wing
cadres had began forcing Indian-owned companies to shut down operations and shift businesses out of the Himalayan nation. Besides setting deadlines to others, the Maoist cadres, operating under the banner of Maoist Trade Union, had stopped work of an FMCG major in August last year. The employees of the company, owned and run by an Indian since 1989, were forced to leave the factory premises by Maoists and told not to report back for duty. The trouble for Indian enterprises began ever since the Maoist-led regime came to power. This despite the fact that many Indian companies had a labour pact and were assured of protection by the government under the local labour laws before they started operations."


"“In the past, China quickly stepped into the vacuum created by India’s hesitation in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other countries. With Prachanda in power, Nepal was also heading the same way,’’ said a senior officer. India, of course, was caught completely off-balance when Maoists emerged victorious in Nepal’s constituent assembly elections and Prachanda was sworn in as the PM last August. It then belatedly scrambled to engage with the Maoists, even as Prachanda exhibited his pronounced tilt towards China."


"In what can severely damage Nepal Maoist leader Prachanda's credibility, a video has surfaced in Nepal that reveals Prachanda's real intentions. A one year old video clip exposes India's worst fears - where Prachanda on camera promises to fill the Nepalese Army with Maoist cadres. The video exposes Prachanda telling his cadres that his ultimate aim is to capture absolute power. At a Maoist training camp Prachanda told cadres that he viewed the peace process as no more than a tactic.Prachanda also admitted that he lied to UN officials and told them that Maoists numbered 35 thousand whereas in reality Prachanda had less than seven thousand fighters.It was a clever move to get more compensation but it all flies in the face of Prachanda's public image and now there is a big question mark over Prachanda's credibility. "


"The Nepali Congress, the second largest party after the Maoists, Monday began a two-pronged attack on the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), the political mission of the UN that entered Nepal in 2007 to help in the peace negotiations between the Maoist guerrillas and the then seven-party coalition government led by the NC. After a video tape leak last week, the NC has begun doubting the UNMIN’s credibility and is calling for a fresh screening of the over 19,000 Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants who have been barracked in 28 cantonments since the end of the Maoist insurgency in 2006. In the tape, that raises fresh doubts about the peace plans of the Maoists, guerrilla supremo and caretaker Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has been recorded as telling his PLA fighters that their number was jacked up five-fold to over 30,000 when UNMIN began screening them in 2007 even though they actually numbered between 7,000-8,000. "


(An article by Tarun Vijay)

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