Friday, May 22, 2009

Christian threat in India

Saw an article in the Indian Express giving details on an inquiry into forced conversions in the Karnataka state. This should put to rest the doubts on whether conversions are always voluntary.

"“Christian missionaries have forcibly converted my family to Christianity,” 20-year-old Akash, a resident of Koppa taluk in Chikmagalur district, told the Justice B K Somashekara Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday.
“On the pretext of helping our family, a few Christians offered Rs 3,000 to my father and converted my family members to Christianity,” Akash said during the cross examination by Rupert Rosario, advocate appearing for the Christian organisation.
“Money was offered to our family with a pre-condition that we embrace Christianity. After joining Christianity himself, my father forced me to join the same religion. But I refused to do so,” Akash said.
Akash admitted that a church in Jaipura of Koppa taluk was attacked due to forcible conversion in that area. He also said that Hindu organisations or his community members did not help them in curing his mother’s disease, but Christians did help by offering money.
Ashwini Manjunath, a resident of Koppa, deposed before the panel and said that when she was 10 years old, one Thomas, a manager in a coffee estate married her widowed mother who later converted to Christianity.
Ashwini alleged that her step-father Thomas harassed her to embrace Christianity, but she did not budge. Later, she escaped from the custody of her step-father when he took her to Mangalore for conversion.
Advocates Madhusudhan Adiga and Satishchandra, appeared for Hindu organisations.
Government advocate Prasanna Deshpande and Srinivas were also present during the hearing."

My cousin in Bangalore wants to marry a Christian girl but her mother is hell bent against it because she believes that he is a devil worshipper and it is a sin to marry a hindu!! Imagine what trash these people are taught in their churches if this is the level of thinking that christians living in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.
The girl on the other hand got my cousin to become willing to convert. Don't ask me his logic for doing so cos I dont think anything will justify such a stupid move.

Also found a good organization called secularism combat, I suspect in response to the trecherous Teesta Setalvad's NGO communalism combat, run by Dr. T H Choudary. His articles are quite nice and am giving a link to one of them,

""Sri Mareppa who till recently was Marketing Minister in the Congress government of Andhra Pradesh enrolled himself as an SC in government records. He contested and won a seat reserved Scheduled Caste in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. But he is a practising Christian and is proud to announce that he is a Christian. For example, to Sakshi a largely circulated Telugu daily of 4th January 2009 he told this…………
“YS (Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy) is my Jesus… He is my heart, he is my life. I said this earlier also. I am reiterating now. I am proud that I have worked in the cabinet of so wonderful a person like Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. I am ever ready to do anything that he (YS) orders me to do. Even if the order is to sacrifice my life also, I will not hesitate….”"

With the Congress winning the election (which I believe have a good chance of having been rigged), the fate of Andhra is in grave danger. The people of Andhra have to wake up and see beyond their stupid caste and money equations, something that they have been obsessed with for decades, if they want their glorious culture and tradition to survive the onslaught of evengelical christianity.

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