Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Behind the Islamic mind

Found a shocking interview of a famous Mullah from UK, Anjum Chaudry where he clearly states that when they say they are against killing of innocents he means muslims. Non-muslims are by nature not innocent, he says.

Thsi is pretty much the idea that our very own muslims feel in India.

Also, there is this famours Indian Muslim "scholar" called Dr. Zakir naik who gives speeches all over India and also recently had a debate with Sri Sri ravi Shankar. He is the poster boy of the Muslims who want to give the false impression that Islam stands up to logic. He has mastered the art of sophistry and smartly diverts the true intent of the question using unrelated "analogies".
He usually says that he respects Hinduism and uses Hindu scriptures (of which he is a "scholar" also) to justify some Islamic ideas. This givesthe common man an impression that this person is a moderate muslims and we need more muslims like him. But this video here clearly exposes Mr. Zakir Naik for what he really is.

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