Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hindus in Bengal

Found something on the net regarding the state of Hindus in West Bengal. Looks like the hindus are treated at second class citizens by the commies and the muslims.

The hindus seem to have been forced to form self defence groups. I am sure these group will be called terrorists by the media and the Congress/commie combine since their crime will be standing up for their rights!
(Warning-There is a picture of an innocent boy who was burned by muslims)

"On a sombre note Sri Ghosh also added that the current situation is fast heading towards another partition of India in the near future and that is going to happen in the eastern region, especially in West Bengal and Assam. If such an event did come to pass, he stressed, he and his compatriots would not just remain mere spectators in the gallery but would be on the field, fighting to the finish to preserve the integrity of our motherland."

Apparently one of their campls was ladi seige by thousands of muslims,

"Everything went on smoothly until this evening, when suddenly the camp building was surrounded by a murderous mob of about 6000-7000 local Muslims bent on mayhem. The Muslim attackers were well-prepared and have been throwing gas cylinders and petrol bombs (molotov cocktails) and kept on attacking incessantly for a few hours, to incinerate the whole camp."
(Pictures of the training camp)

"In His in augural speech Shri Upananda Brahmachari urged the Hindu Youth to accept the challenges cast by the anti Indian elements especially by the Islamic and Christian fundamentalists before the Bharatiya Society. Upanandaji said that such challenges are the reality in India and anywhere in the world. But the Bengali Hindus will face the dire consequences immediately, if they do not begin to resist Islamic terrorism and expansionism. As West Bengal and Assam stands on the bloody borders of Islam (Islamic Bangladesh), they are going to become the immediate battleground. Before this challenge, unity and organisation is a must. But it should not be for the sake of name only, there must be a firm resolve to take necessary action. Even individual initiative of any kind is required to save the integrity and sovereignty of Hindu Soceity. Shri Brahmachari maintained that Bengali Hindus were not cowards, and even now they may change the situation in favour of Hindus by expelling the influences of fraudulent politicians misguiding the whole Hindu society in the name of absurd secularism. Shri Brahmachari urged the trainees to be the leaders and champions of their own localities so that nobody can challenge Hindu Soceity in any way."

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