Friday, April 24, 2009

Understanding the Kashmir problem

I found an amazing e-book on Kashmir called "Converted Kashmir: Memorial of mistakes" written by Narendra Sehgal.

It gives a very good picture of the history of Kashmir beginning from ancient times to the present where the beautiful land of Kashmir, one of the main seats of Hindu philosophy has been converted into a prejudiced and hateful society of islamic hindu haters.

The entire book is chock full of information on Kashmir and is a must read to gain a good perspective on the whole issue. I wish this book were given to all Indians to read.

An interesting section is the part where he writes about the major blunders with respect to Kashmir in which he mentions about how Nehru had a huge contribution to the present crisis. He also gives good info on how the RSS helped defend Kashmir ( a fact that has been conviniently erased from public memory thanks to the Congress-Marxist nexus in Indian politics and academia) against the marauding Pakistanis.

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