Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The great Indian media

Found some very good videos on youtube which shows the level of our Indian media.

(P. Sainath, a famour journalist talks about the low standards of Indian media)

(Sagarika Ghosh (a.k.a. the shrieking banshee) of CNN-IBN fame gets a proper tongue lashing from Ram Jethmalani)

A very good interview of Modi (in Hindi) where he analyzes the treasonous Indian media


  1. In the first video the fellow, like all communists freely indulges in rhetoric without coming up with solutions.

    He talks of farmer suicides in Vidarbha in 2006. Forgetting that his own party communists were in power with congress in centre at that time.

    He does not talk of farmer suicides in Kerala, though there have been many. He knows that there are not many farmers left to commit suicide in that state of communist power. Farming and industries have been made non-profitable by communists who make a living by being goondas.

    The fellow talks nary a word about Waste Bengal where buddhadeb and party are grabbing land from farmers and giving it to private enterprises and killing the farmers when they oppose it.

    Like all communists this fellow rants against America ignoring the damage that successive communist govts have done to economies of states in which they have been in power in India.

    The fellow boasts of India shining campaign failing in 2004 without considering that India is decidedly worse now. That the farmers suicides has increased after 2004 when communists supported UPA came to power. That farmer suicides have continued even after the so-called bail out was announced by UPA.

    He rants against journalists thronging fashion shows while cotton farmers commit suicide forgetting that those same fashion shows also contribute to popularity or otherwise of cotton and thereby affects the cotton farmer.

    The fellow brandishes a self-righteous attitude without providing solutions. For this fellow and people like him, poverty is their ticket to fame. And a world without poverty would make him and his ilk jobless.

    It is this thought process that prompts communists like him to turn states such as Kerala and Waste Bengal into disasters where people are made into apathetic zombies who will follow the red flag like dumb animal.

    Not satisfied with their dsasterous achievements in those states where they have been in power for so long, these characters are trying to extend their infuence into other states.

  2. I didn't know that Sainath was a communist.
    There was a good article on the Mangalore pub incident sometime back which made me think he was a sensible journalist.