Friday, April 3, 2009

Open threat to India - where is the media/national outrage?

Here is a shocking piece of news about the arrest of Rashid Malabari and his associates. Of course all of them are Muslims and many from the hot bed of terror -Kerala. Apparently Malabari entered from Nepal, most likely from Philibit, which is why Chotta Shakeel asked him to kill Varun Gandhi.

The way things are going it looks like if anyone says anything against Malabari and his associoated, the NSA will be invoked against him by the political thugs in the Congress, CPI-M and the BSP and supported by the treasonous media!! This is the level that our political and media disourse has sunk to!

It is shocking how there is so little news on this but the MSM went guns blazing against Varun Gandhi whose only crime was to say he will protect Hindus!! This news should have been made top headlines but I guess the media is worried if it will get sympathy for Varun!

It turns out that Malabari had Pramod Muthalik and possibly BJP ministers on his hit list (The K'taka home minitsry has not divulged any more info). The audacity of this planning is shocking!! How much longer will the people if India allow the pseudo-secular politicians and the incompetent media to encourage such Islamic threats?!

"Investigations, which have been carried out following the arrest of Malabari, have now revealed following the violence and panic created by the Shri Ram Sena in Mangalore, the plan was hatched in Pakistan to eliminate its leader Pramod Muthalik."

(Notice the pseudo-secular flavor in this sentence- Violence and panic!! Isnt that exagerrating a little too much. What would you call a riot? Violence and panic!! Arent they trivializing greater crimes by using such strong words for smaller issues? Also, why the hell should Malabari have a problem with Sri rem sene beating up a few hindu girls for getting drunk?!! Doesn't Islam also preach against women disrobing and drinking alcohol?!! Obviously it is not the incident in Mangalore which has made Malabari pick Muthalik as a target, then why does the media bring in this angle ot the story? Do they want to generate sympathy for Malabari as they always do for terrorists?!!)

Here are photographs of the arrest,

Notice the comments made,
"Mohammed , UAE, Mar 30, 2009
So the BJP government has started framing innocent minorities.I wonder why they are not able to catch those who damaged the sacred churches and mosques and killed innocent minorities."

"Maqbool, UAE Mar 31, 2009 (Justifying terror)
When govt institutions fail to protect innocent civilians, people are forced to take law into their hands."

"Roshan D'Souza, UAE Mar 31, 2009
After church attacks, I don't trust these police at all. Police and State govt are targeting minorities!! This is crazy."

They also caught some people who gave shelter to Malabari

These people have now threatened serial blasts in bangalore!!

Here is the conversation Shakeel and Malabari had,

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