Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I like Modi

Narendra Modi, the CM of Gujarat, is much vilified by the pseudo-secular ELM but he is one man who is just so high in stature and character that all the the shit they throw at him just lands on their own faces!

Here is one of his superb interviews he has given to rediff. He is one of the very few people who gives perfect interview and who the ELM cannot frustrate however hard they try.
Here are some excerpts,

Do you think the development debate in this country has turned pro-business? And that ordinary people are feeling left behind?

You've asked a very good question, and I will be pleased to answer this one.
In my Gujarat I hold the Vibrant Gujarat global investor summit once in two years, on January 13-14. Some 700-800 government officers of mine are involved in it, and I invite industrialists and businessmen to come for the summit and invest in the state.
Also in my state, for one month every year, we hold an agricultural festival in which about a lakh government servants go to the villages in May-June, braving the 44 degree temperatures, sit down with the farmers and work towards agricultural development. You remember what we do for two days out of two years, but where the government travels to the countryside for a month every year and promotes agriculture, you are not interested.

Is it because of rural migration to the cities?
Not because of rural migration. In my Gujarat we have the Jyoti Gram Yojana thanks to which rural migration to cities has ended, all arrangements have been made. Very few of our villagers go to cities, which is a very interesting development about Gujarat.
If you provide urban amenities in villages, they will not go to the cities.

Isn't the nuclear deal an achievement?
The issue is, India has uranium. Earlier the government would make budgetary allocation for uranium exploration. What was the reason for Dr Manmohan Singh, as finance minister, to make it zero budgeting for uranium exploration?
What was the reason when he became PM to halt research into uranium? And what is the reason for him enter into a restrictive agreement with foreign nations for the same uranium? Now the question arises.

Will you deny that you have no ambition whatsoever to become the prime minister?
I have a mission, not ambition. I was not born to become something, I was born to do something.
I did not have a desire to become somebody when I was a child, I don't have it now, nor will I have it in the future.
I have a dream, to do something. I want to do something for the nation. I am part of the mission, not ambition.
Ambition doesn't inspire me, mission does.


  1. To fulfil the goal what modiji said, he has to be moderate and to built his and her government image as secular.

    In present era of development in the world we can't survive with the hardliner hindutya. We have to chage to be of tolerant Hindus.

  2. With my experience of 7 years of Modiji governance of Gujarat. Godhra was a unfortunate event which become little hindrance for the development model of Modiji.

    In world Modiji is marked as if he is responsible for genocide of Muslims in post Godhra riots of 2002. While middle class Hindus with tribals were involved. Congress fellows were equally active in post Godgra killing of Muslims. But hardliner Saffron Parivar is defamed.

    We all were forgetting the Post Godhra riots. Muslims were started having confidence in Modiji BJP.

    In 2005 elections of Panchayats, Municipal and Municipal Corporation elections Modiji's BJP won in Muslim dominated areas.

    But some hardliner of Hindutya are causing the hindrance in the development work of Modiji.

    Modiji agree with me or not as I stated above Modiji won elections with Muslims voting for BJP. But one immature action of Demolition of Dargah in Vadodara on 01.05.2006 with out the knoledge of Modiji has given great setback.

    Count how many bomb blast took place in duffernt part of India after 1.5.2006. All the bomb blasts were mainly targeted Gujaratis.

    Modiji has to check his hardliner to have our image of Secular in India. With out Secular we can't progress in world.