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Indian Media Bias

Found a good post on one of topics (Understanding media bias and other white lies) in L.K. Advani's website forum made by a person called "TheRightIndian" questioning the Indian Media

"I’ve been struggling to understand the media bias against the BJP. I have spent painful days and nights just trying to understand what these so called media fellows and the purported ‘progressives’ really represent. I always failed, simply because the test of reason and logic did not seem to work with them. So, what does it mean? Does it mean that these ‘progressive Jhollawalahs’ and media folks are anti national? This question has troubled me for many nights. How can I sleep knowing that the fourth pillar of our democracy has been compromised? Why do they have such a hatred towards India being ‘itself’?

Advani does'nt stand for the 'founding principles' ??!!!!

As I was watching a TV program tonight, I heard one of those Congress spokespersons speak that Mr. Advani does not stand for what India is about and does not stand for the ‘founding principles’ on which this country was ‘founded’. That really set me thinking. Yeah? Oh really? Is that how it is? Then the realization just struck me like a thunderbolt:

It is very simply because these media folks and the JNU fellows believe that India came into existence in 1947!! They don’t think that India was ‘liberated’ from ‘external’ powers in 1947. They think it was ‘born’ in 1947! For them, (the nowadays, often quoted term) the ‘Idea of India’ occurred in 1947! AND THEREFORE THEY PROPOSE ALL THE OTHER JUNK AS A COROLLARY TO THIS HYPOTHESIS. They suffer from a civilizational and cultural amnesia compounded and abetted by their alien education.

Were we an Australia or a US of A? Where there was no human inhabitation (or whatever was existing, was conveniently extinguished), and the conquerors got to phrase the ‘founding principles’ in a piece of paper in 19th / 20th century. Is that what our country is? A piece of barren land in 1947? A clean slate that could be written on in 1947? Did the millions in our country offer that clean slate to Congress/Nehru? They just don't realize that India has existed for as long as one can remember. And the 'founding principles' of India are much more ancient, pervasive and pervasive than what a few English educated lawyers could articulate in 1940s and 50s.

Thousands of years of history and achievements in every field of human progress including (but not limited to) art, literature, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, political science and spirituality becomes ‘mythical’, ‘surreal’ and ‘supposed’ at the ‘stroke of a midnight’! And imitating the past aggressors in their dressing, world view, shallowness of intellect and abhorrence of spiritualism (which did not exist in either of the two aggressive systems) has become contemporary, modern, secular and more than anything else fashionable!

Can thousands of years of history, culture, values and accomplishments be rubbished as dust on the slate one fine day? Can hundreds of years of external aggressions, wars, religious crusades, submission and subjugation be wiped out by ‘mere stroke of the midnight’ and made available to ‘tryst with destiny’? Is that it?

If the Hindu society can offer amends, offer apologies, constitutionalised affirmative action and reprieve to our Dalit brothers who were wronged (from) hundreds of years back and if the contemporary German society can do the same for the (recently wronged) Jews, is it not fair to expect that aggressors against Hindu civilization do the same? At least do not completely deny that those atrocities ever took place! That’s not just denial but negationism.

An ancient pluralistic civilization with rich culture was plundered by two quasi-political, quasi- religious regimes for hundreds of years, and today we are told that to represent and believe in that age-old pluralism is being ‘communal’ or worse ‘fascist’ ! What a farce!

I am no big fan of Karl Marx. But he’s spoken a prophetic line :

History always repeats itself. First time as a tragedy and the second time as a farce!

Who should we blame? The ‘progressive media’ Jaychands? Or the even the Prithiviraj Chauhans who forgave Mohamad Ghori 18 times? (Only to be cheated by him the 19th time!)

Say both?

Another post in reply to a person exhibiting the typical dhimmi attitude he gives a very nice analogy of the Indian situation.

"China captured Tibet in the 50's. The Buddhist monasteries are thousands of years old and are an inseparable part of Tibetan identity. Now suppose (god forbid), Chinese government, to intimidate and humiliate the Buddhists, destroys those magnificent monasteries as it believes in atheism and builds Communist party offices there. The people of Tibet are terribly humiliated and upset but helpless in front of the Chinese might. Their very identity is shattered to smithereens. The Chinese stay in power for many many years. And then, India (hopefully) captures Tibet. By this time, Tibet is made up of mostly Buddhists and some communists (apparently the Chinese converted quite a few Buddhists into Communism). To stay in power, and to not to disturb the equilibrium, Indians do not touch the issue of monasteries and maintain status-quo for for many many years. Because of a freedom movement in Tibet and India's own other pressures, India decides to give freedom Tibet. But the minority communists do not want to be part of Tibet; they want their own country 'Communistan'. India agrees and Tibet is divided.The communist majority northern Tibet is made into a new country 'Communistan' and the Buddhist majority Tibet is now free. A new 'Tibetan' government is formed. The Tibetan Buddhists are kind hearted people. They don't want to impose their religion on the remaining communists and other minorities. Therefore the country adopts a secular constitution. But the Tibetan Buddhist identity has been severely dented because of the destruction of their most sacred monasteries and then by the partition of their beloved motherland. It is now demanded by many Tibetans that the monasteries be rebuilt at the same place and if the communist offices need to be preserved for archeological reasons, those communist offices can be 'scientifically shifted' in toto ( yes, it is possible) to some nearby location.

Now what should the Tibetan government do ? Two options :

1. Agree to the demand, rebuild the monasteries, restore the Buddhist pride, restore the place for the millions of Buddhists to pray and perform their other religious ceremonies. Shift the communist offices elsewhere.

2.Take the pitch of
"And why do we want to destroy structures because we believe it is standing on something else that existed at the same spot in the past? For that matter, everywhere that we are standing or sitting, we are doing so on some history!!"
, and keep staring at those communist offices everyday. ;)

(As I type, there's a third ,very very Indian option that comes to mind)
3. Question the existence of Buddha. Ask for his birth certificate. :D Write history text books which do not talk about the destruction of monasteries by the communists. Ask for proof that monasteries once stood there. Create a media culture where those Tibetans asking for the monasteries to be rebuilt are branded as 'communal' and fascists. Create a political culture where the minority communists are appeased to the extent of giving subsidy to the communists for their pilgrimage to Beijing!! :lol: Blame the Tibetans totally for everything that happened in the past (Remember?, it's because of disunity among Tibetans that the Chinese and the Indians were able to gain control over Tibet !!). :lol:

Which of the above three options suits Tibet the best? I leave it to the readers to decide. 8-)

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