Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another sloppy Indian columnist -Tavleen Singh

A very disaapointing article by Tavleen Singh. Looks like the pseudo seculars got to her as well.

"How ironic that the RSS and its criminal ‘senas’ have done more damage to Hindu culture than the foreign invaders did. The revival of Hindu culture should be a noble project."

Such a Juveline and idealistic holier than thou opinion -very typical of our newspaper columnists!! All our high society journalistic reactions seem to be only knee-jerk.

Even though this seems like a sensible column, detailed analysis will prove her lack of intelligence

"After the American President made his comment about moderate Taliban he got a response from the Taliban themselves. There is no such thing as moderate Taliban, a Taliban spokesman retorted angrily, unless the President meant the lazy old Muslims who sit idly at home instead of joining the jihad against Jews, Hindus and Americans.

Radical Islam is an ugly, dangerous ideology. There is nothing in it that would help solve the world’s problems or lighten its shadows. Its fundamental principle is that everything we need to know about life, laws and faith is revealed in the Koran and that we must abide by the interpretation given us by semi-literate, fanatical mullahs. If not we will be punished horribly by bearded mujahideen. Radical Islamists believe they have the right to impose their diktat well beyond faith to politics, culture and every aspect of life. This is where the problem begins. "

Here she makes the same mistake as Obama. She doesnt realize there is nothing called radical Islam or unradical Islam. This is the same as having good and bad Taliban!!

I believe such people's opinions are best avoided since they dont seem to have enough intelligence to give well informed and considered and consistent opinions on topics.

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