Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Media role in 26/11

Here are excerpts of the telephonic conversation between the terrorists and the handlers in Pakistan. It is clear from this that the media directly helped the terror campaign just to get their TRP rating higher!

All spoken in Urdu but transcribed in English

"Handler: You remember all that I had told you? If the media asks where you are from, tell them you are from Hyderabad in the Deccan; that you are from the city of Hyderabad.
Terrorist: Hyderabad.
Handler: Yes. And say you are from the Toli Chauki area; say you are associated with the Deccan Mujahideen. And if they ask why you did all this? are you writing all this down?
Terrorist: Yes.
Handler: Say it is the duplicitous policy of the government -- on one hand they pat our backs, on the other they beat our heads with hammers. The latest example of this is the Sachar Committee Report. The government declares one thing but the administration executes its reverse by wrongly arresting Muslim youth.
Terrorist: Muslim?

"Handler: And the place you are at, say you are calling from Nariman House. The media is saying there are terrorists in Nariman House. [The terrorists and the planners knew the place as Chabad House, which is the commonly known name of Nariman House.]
Terrorist: Nariman House.
Handler: Nariman, Nariman. And also keep track of what is happening outside.
Terrorist: And, what you have instructed, we have to say only that much?
Handler: Yes, only that much; hold on one minute, write this number down. 0120-2511064. This is the Zee TV office number. And should I tell you the number from which you will call them, because they will ask you?"

The terrorist finally ended up calling India TV which allowed him to spew his venom live on Television saying they had an "exclusive" on what was going on!!

"Handler: Fifteen men have climbed down on your rooftop right now.
Terrorist: They are standing in front of the windows as well.
Handler: What are you saying? Can you see anything there?
Terrorist: They are firing in the front. "

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