Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lies of the church

There was an article in today's Indian Express which clearly exposes the Indian Church's devious plan to malign the Hindu organizations as well the the ruling BJP. This is just one of the many episodes where Hindu organizations have been falsly accused to whip up anti HIndu sentiments. This gains significance with the elections coming up in April-May.

“There was no evidence to substantiate that the St.Anthony’s Church at Yedavanahalli was attacked by miscreants,” M Shankarappa, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Bangalore sub-division, said while deposing before the Justice B K Somashekara Commission of Inquiry on Monday.
The commission, which is probing the recent attacks on churches across the state, recorded the statement of the police officer. The Dy.SP said, “When I inspected the Yedavanahalli Church, there was no indication that someone had trespassed into its premises, after breaking open the windows and doors. There was no proof to substantiate that allegation,” he said during crossexamination by Satishchandra, advocate appearing for Hindu organisations.
It may be recalled that St.Anthony’s Church in Yedavanahalli which comes under Attibele police station limits was allegedly attacked by miscreants. The commission had also recorded the statements of Devaraj and Mallikarjuna, both representing Hindu organisations."

Another news report also showing the deciet of the Christian organization is given below,


"In connection with indulging in rampage in a banana plantation belonging to Babbukatte Nityadhar Church and trying to disrupt peace in the region, Ullal policemen arrested seven persons on Wednesday March 18.
They are Jayson Verghese (23), Vijit Sunny Rozario (21), Araki Alfred (20), Roshan Cutinho (26), all from Nityadhar Nagar and Ronald Roshan (22), a resident of Kuttar Prakash Nagar. They were produced in the court on Wednesday.

On Monday morning, the banana plantation was found to have been damaged heavily to look as if people belonging to a particular community had barged into the plantation, and a saffron flag had been planted there, signifying that Hindu outfits had been involved with the destruction. The incident took place at a time when Hindu Samajotsav was being organized in the city.
The policemen said that during interrogation, the arrested persons revealed, they wanted to disturb the peace in the region by projecting the incident as a handiwork of a particular community."

Here is a good example of how the Church spreads lies through the more than willing English Media to get sympathy and money from outside.

Every day the Christian news channels carry falsified reports of Christian suffering. All this is solely to create an atmosphere of sympathy in the west so that people open their pockets and fund the devious conversion activities of the evangelicals.

Excerpt of Rajiv Malhotra's talk (Taken from Indian realist blog) clearly shows how the missionary church is deeply embedded in the american policy making!

"But when I started to research on this, I saw a ‘Wall Street Journal’ front-page article two or three years ago titled “US Evangelists Driving Foreign Policy Intervention.” It is a very long article that showed a hundred years’ history of American evangelicals not only driving domestic policies like abortion, gay rights and (nowadays) stem cell research very successfully but also very strongly driving the foreign policy of the US.
The foreign policy evangelicals want is that the United States should intervene wherever in the world there is a pocket of Christians who consider themselves to be under threat. Once the United States agrees that that is the official policy of the government, then the evangelicals actually go to those areas in the world, trigger some trouble and use those incidents to bring United States intervention.
Now the dossier of such cases of persecution of Christians in India is growing in the US. It is a huge dossier and there are regular hearings in Washington in which the evangelicals invite those Indians who complain about such persecution of Christians. There is a long line of such Indians who are granted visa and travels grants to go to the US and give testimony in the Congress.
Also, there are well-organized networks in India which have been funded by these evangelical entities to provoke trouble, to monitor persecution and then go over to report and lobby in Washington for US government’s intervention. These incidents are splashed all over the US media. So one day the United States may decide that “Ok, the Hiindu Taliban has got hold of North India. We can go and intervene here and there and protect some Christianized pockets in South India. We have built our own base there and we have built a network of support.”

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