Monday, March 16, 2009

Open attack on BJP

One wonders why these muslims are so concerned about what is sacred to the Hindus?!!
Obviously this is a deliberate attepmt to attack the BJP just before election time by the muslims.

"The lawsuit had been filed by a Meerut-based woman advocate, Shaheen Parvez, who contended that just like the national emblem, comprising of the replica of the four lions on the Sarnath Pillar near Varanasi or the national flag Tricolour, the national flower lotus and the national animal lion too cannot be used as the poll symbol by any political party.

Appearing for Ms. Pervez, her counsel Naushad Ahmad Khan, told the court that even the Hindu religion accords special treatment to the lotus, which is considered to be the seat of Lord Brahma, the god of creation.

Maintaining that lotus is also associated with several other gods and goddesses in Hindu religion, including the goddess of wealth Laxmi, the goddess of knowledge Saraswati and Lord Shiva, the destroyer, Mr. Khan argued that lotus is of special significance even as per the Buddhist religion.
Ms. Pervez had come to the apex court challenging a Delhi High Court order, which too earlier had dismissed her plea for divesting BJP of its poll symbol of the lotus. "

Other scary developments include the formation of mulim political parties who plan to come to power for the sake of protecting muslim rights!! This is same as what the Muslim league said before partition!

"In an apparent bid to cash in on the Muslim vote bank, a number of outfits representing the community in Uttar Pradesh have decided to field candidates for the Lok Sabha polls.Projecting them as the the "real" well wishers of the minorities, these organisations have already announced their candidates.
The Council, which has its roots in Azamgarh and had first raised the issue of atrocities on "innocent Muslim youths" of the district by the police, is all set to make this its poll plank. "Muslims will vote for our candidates. The community has realised that political parties are using them as a vote bank only," Amir Rashadi Madani, coordinator of Ulema Council, had said recently. "


  1. You are right. This situation is only going to get uglier. I have a feeling, the entire South Asia area is turning into a potboiler region, and something, soon, is going to give. I think it will happen in our lifetime.

    Once Muslims's gain 20% of national population, things are going to start getting out of hand. Please look at this:

  2. @Anonymous,
    It is unfortunate but I agree something will happen in our lifetime.