Monday, March 30, 2009

Political Vocabulary in India

I am fascinated by the blatant hypocrisy in the use of words within political circles in India. I believe it is done on purpose to mislead the public. It will be nice if we have a law like the British "Trade Descriptions Act" of 1968 so that these political and religious parties do not misrepresent themselves.

Firstly, you have the famous "Secular" Vs "Communal" tags. An analysis of what these words mean in the Indian context clearly shows that the meanings and the words have been interchanged!! The "secular" congress and communists are the least secular of all the parties!

Then you have the word "democracy" or "democratic" which again is misused. Anytime one comes across a party or organization that has the word "democratic" in it, it should be shunned immediately. Here are some examples of "democratic" organizations,

P.D.P. - Peoples democratic party - A rabidly islamic and seccessionist organization

D.Y.F.I. - Democratic youth federation of India - A fanatical communist student organization

S.A.R. Geelani is a kashmir separatist and a terrorist. Imagine inviting him to talk to Indians about demoracy?!!
The "University community" in this case is a Commie/muslim combine. Again typically giving themselves a very innocuous label!

Other Anti-national organization hiding under innocuous labels include-

K.F.D. - Karnataka Forum for Dignity, which is nothing but an Islamic fundamentlist group with links to SIMI

P.F.I. - Popular front of India - Another pro-Islamic anti national organization which uses nice words such as freedom, justice, equality to hide their venomous agenda of Islamic conquest.

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