Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indian History


This is an excellent website with a lot of info.

Below is a nice statement from the site

Dr. Dipak Basu of Nagasaki University in Japan has written:

"The British historians glorify the Muslim rule in India and dismiss the Hindu period as myths and fantasy. They dismiss the Marxian analysis of the British oppression of India . They emphasize the improvements in administration, construction of railroad, universities, abolition of 'Sati' and 'Thugis' from India and ultimate peaceful transfer of power to Gandhi-Nehru. In that history, there was no freedom movement in India , no man made famines, no transfer of huge resources from India to Britain , no destruction of Indian industries and agriculture by the British rule, but only a very benign and benevolent British rule in India .
History according to the JNU or AMU is not much different."
(source: CPI(M) and Karl Marx - By Dipak Basu - indiacause.com)

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