Friday, March 20, 2009

Secularism & media in India

I have mentioned before that Christianity is just another imperialistic movement. Their modus operandi is to convert people quietly though dubious means, claiming to be victims of oppression and when they increase their numbers, they start imposing their beliefs on others (not very unlike Islam).

Here are some links showing how the Church tries to influence the state! The main stream media seems least bothered by this pulling of strings. For them it is only the "Hindu" forces which need to be kept in check.

"Unhappy with both the Congress-led UDF and the CPI-M led LDF, the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in Kerala on Friday decided to field independent candidates in seven constituencies for the Lok Sabha elections in the state. "

This is a shocking development. Soon they will be claiming a separate homeland with autonomy.

"In his recently released biographical work `Straight From the Heart', Syro Malabar major archbishop Varkey Vithayathil says Indian Catholics "can join any party that does not oppose Catholic principles" and that "there is no way they can become a part of the RSS or the BJP".

Says a local politician holding the position of a district chief of a national party, on condition of anonymity: "There is nothing wrong in religious heads giving their opinion on political issues. But the manner in which they are intervening is too much. I often get calls from Church heads asking me to appoint certain individuals at the district or constituency-level posts""

(The church openly admitted that they control the election process and are the de-facts election commission in the state!)

Here is a good example of how the Church spreads lies through the more than willing English Media to get sympathy and money from outside.

(Muslims attack innocent Hindus in manipur! Media completely ignores the whole episode)

"The controversies over the CPI(M)’s links with PDP chairman Abdul Nasser Madani gathered momentum on Thursday with LDF Government’s Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan summoning Deputy Inspector General TK Vinod Kumar, head of the Kerala Police’s anti-terror squad (ATS), investigating the cases related to the killing of four Malayalee militants in Kashmir in October last.
The police had known that Indian Mujahideen’s southern commandant Sainuddeen alias Abdul Sattar, now in the custody of Karnataka Police had close contacts with Madani and Sufiya."

How much of this do we see on the front page?!!

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