Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Imperialism or Religion?

This is from a great book "Perversion of Indian Political Parlance" written by Sita Ram Goel on how the Communists have highjacked the Indian Political system. This section in the book describes the salient features that are a must in any imperial movement and upon reading clearly shows that Christianity, Islam and Communism are all essentially imperialistic movements.

"To start with, every language of imperialism invokes an inscrutable entity as its source and sanction. This entity reveals its final and irreversible will to an incomparable person. All pronouncements of this person are placed beyond the reach of human reason or experience. They have to be accepted on faith. Compared to faith, reason and experience are found to be faulty faculties. These faculties can fulfil themselves only if they follow and fortify faith.

Second, every language of imperialism divides human history into two sharply separated periods - an age of darkness which prevailed before the birth of the incomparable person, and an age of light which followed thereafter. The entire past history of every nation preceding the age of light is painted black so that nothing in which a nation can take pride is left unscathed.

Third, every language of imperialism divides mankind into two mutually exclusive camps -- the believers who accept the dogmas propoundded by the incomparable person, and the unbelievers who doubt or reject those dogmas. The believers are placed under a categorical imperative to make war on the unbelievere till the latter are either converted or killed off. The believers do not have to be better human beings in terms of morality or character. It is sufficient if they have fervour and ferocity born of faith.

Fourth, every language of imperialism bands together all believers everywhere into a world brotherhood which cuts across all national bounds of geography, history and culture. As a corollary, every nuance of nationalism gets denounced as narrow and out of date. For all practical purposes, it is an invitation to every nation to renounce its independent identity and become a colony where the incomparable person was born or where his dogmas first acquired the backing of armed force. This dead uniformity into which nations are stream-rollered is hailed as universality.

Fifth, every language of imperialism propounds that the inscrutable entity has mandated the whole earth to the incomparable person who, in his turn, has bequeathed it to the brotherhood. So when the brotherhood or any section of it mounts an aggression, it automatically becomes a war of liberation. The brotherhood is only claiming what already belongs to it.

Sixth, every language of imperialism lays down two inevitabilities -- an inevitable victory of the believers, and an inevitable defeat of the unbelievers. The believers are told that the inscrutable entity is on their side and no power on earth can stop their onward march. The intention is to enthuse the believers so that they spare no effort and demoralise the unbelievers so that they surrender or offer only half-hearted resistance.

Seventh, every language of imperialism equips the believers with an immeasurable degree of self-righteousness. They are told that the lives, liberties, properties and honour of the unbelievers have already been forefeited by the inscrutable entity. The believers, therefore, commit no crime when they kill, enslave, plunder and humiliate the unbelievers. This gives a good conscience to the believers while they indulge in an endless spree of bloodshed and vandalism. In fact, their crimes become meritorious deeds.

Lastly, the unbelievers are accused of all sorts of crimes committed by them by the very fact of being what they are. In fact, the whole life-history of every unbeliever becomes a catalogue of crimes. The intention is to debar the unbelievers from any sympathy from any quarters. At the sme time, the crimes committed against them are explained away in terms of their own crimes.

In the lines that follow, I will present a panoramic view of those languages of imperialism which have invaded India, at one time or the other. Incidentally, the list is almost exhaustive. India has been plagued by every principal language of imperialism invented by human ingenuity so far. "

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